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Got a new piercing today....

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Do you know, I never realised they could grow out. I had mine pierced over 10 years ago now, & it still shows no signs of growing out, yet a friend of mine's is almost out now! How funny that some grow out yet others dont. Mine has been through pregnancy, & being overweight, but even though I am now at target, I never show it off anymore, pregnancy belly you see! How absolutely brilliant that you've had it done again, mind you I can recall it hurting quite a bit, (though not as much as labour LOL). Good for you, get that lovely flat tummy on show & very well done on your weightloss. You deserve it!


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That's brilliant!
If I ever showed my stomach, I'd get my belly done!

I decided that I'm going to get a piercing and tattoo when I reach target - I've already got two lip piercings, two ear piercings (one stretched to 16mm) so I find piercings addictive! xxx


Losin the baby weight :-)
ooooo, excellent - bet it looks lush! :)

This thread has really made me want to get mine done again - it fell out a couple of years ago and has closed but I loved it!

Think I'll wiat until a few more piunds have come off yet but a brill idea !!! :D
Yay! I love belly button peircings! I had mine done about 12 years ago, kept it in through both pregnancies, and have a pretty gold hoop with red stones on the ball in it. I've NEVER shown mine off, only ever on holiday with my bikini. I've got my ears done, and the top of my left ear, and I had my nose done once. Didn't like it, I could see the stud all the time, which annoyed me! Ha ha!!
i have my tongue done and had my nose done but had to take my nose stud out for work and it closed up also got 7 tatoosand going to get a new tatoo next yr for my 40 th birthday
congrats on getting you bellybutton pierced!
I agree piercings and tattoo's are addictive! I started off with one tattoo and now I have my wrists tattooed with my kids names and more butterflies on my shoulder, plus my lip pierced. i want more but it will be my reward for losing weight.


Will be slinky!
Aren't they just! How many you got? :)
I've got my ears pierced twice, one in my upper lip, one in my lower lip, my nipples and one below the waist (not talking about my belly button ;) )

Tattoos are even more addictive!


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I've got my ears pierced twice, one in my upper lip, one in my lower lip, my nipples and one below the waist (not talking about my belly button ;) )

Tattoos are even more addictive!
LOL you rebel.
I remember when I was going to get my 3rd lip piercing, the woman before me was getting her nipple pierced and she was literally crying! Is it that painful? :/

That's what I'm worried about - I only really want two tattoo's, but I know that as soon as I've had my first, I'll end up addicted and want loads. I'm just glad that I have enough self-control and common sense not to get every lyric by my favourite band tattooed on me!


Will be slinky!
Haha, my bf says all i need is one in the tongue (which i'd love but for some reason the thought of getting it done terrifies me!) and i have them in all the right regions ;)

Nipples did hurt like an absolute b*tch! Got them done in the same sitting, and apparently the second one is supposed to hurt less due to the adrenaline. MY ARSE! It was worse! Healing can be pretty sore too (and annoying if you sleep on you front) But i do love them, and you forget how much it hurt really :p

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