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Got Dress.....sorted!!


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Going shopping for a special dress for me is normally a harrowing experience. But today a friend and I went to our local city and I had a quick look and tried on a couple of dresses in Next....which were ok but nothing spectacular. Went across the road to TK Maxx and found 12......YES, 12!!!!! dresses to try on in different styles and colour. Most of them fit and I actually had several to choose from.

This has never happened to me before. Normally I would just settle for the one that fitted and hid my lumps and bumps the best.

It's a gorgeous crochet/knitted dress in a metallic/silver colour with a fringe at the bottom (almost flapper style) and a charcoal/pewter colour shift underneath. It has a high almost choker style neckline in a 60's type of dress. When I wear it for the SW Christmas dinner I'll have a photo taken and post it on here....lol.

PS, also found some killer shoes in Next. God knows how I'll walk in them....lol. Got jewellery and handbag sorted too, now just got to sort out a wrap, shrug, jacket or something....lol
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That great! Enjoy wearing it and if it was me i would make sure you get lots of practice with the shoes!!! LOL!


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yeah!! I can't wait to go clothes shopping! Have a fab evening and careful in them shoes

Helen xx


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Wow your dress sounds lovely. I'm looking forward to the day when I can go shopping for clothes where-ever I like instead if being restricted to Evans etc. You'll look fab!
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No better feeling than being able to shop till you drop and have no problems finding the size you need!

Have just recently been able to buy clothes in other stores besides Evans and what a buzz that was.:D

Can't wait until I can go in and lift a size 16/18 cause then I can shop in practically any dress shop.

Can't wait to see the pics, so pleased for you!


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Thanks guys. I'll defo post a pic when I get the whole outfit together and sorted, with hair up and the slap on.

However I am a little confused as to why this thread has been moved into an off topic folder. I thought this type of post was inspirational and helpful to other posters who are still struggling and in the larger sizes. It was only a year ago that I was in size 20/22 clothes and I enjoyed reading things like this as it showed me that it is attainable and possible, with some effort on my part.

I'm not sure why talking about having a choice of dresses to choose from, in just one shop now that I'm down to a 'normal' size, is classed as off topic. I would have thought that it was very on topic. Ok so it's not about food, balancing SW with life or a question about SW. But it is meant to be proof that the hard work does get us somewhere and to keep on keeping on.

Sorry for the questioning and bit of a moan, but I couldn't understand where my thread had gone and it took me a good 5 mins to find it.....lol.


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The Off Topic threads are my favourite! Your dress sounds really great. It's a wonderful feeling when you buy stuff you like, not because it fits!
TKMaxx is one of my favourite places for larger sized clothes. They often have American or German brands which are good for slightly unusual things in larger sizes, and the quality is good too.

Obviously you have to rummage around a bit, but that's half the fun!

Last year when I was staying with a friend in Edinburgh I popped into the TKMaxx there while she was in the supermarket - didn't really intend buying anything (you know what I mean!). I found a German winter jacket for £35 - the original price was over £300!

Did I really need another jacket - no, not really.

Did I buy it anyway - well, what do you think??


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I've never looked in TK Maxx as I just assumed they'd only do standard sizes. Next time I go into town I'll have a little look. Thanks!
Wow, well done hun!!! It really makes us feel good to be able to have such a big selection of clothes to try on!
I agree that this should be in the main forum, I've posted a question on the main forum asking what makes an off topic thread off topic, think we're getting a bit confused!


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I am so glad you enjoyed shopping for the dress! It sounds lovely. xoxox

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