Got in my skirt!!!!!


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Congratulations--It feels great doesn't it!
I'm off to see if I get some size 16's which I hope to fit in by the end of next month as I'm in between sizes now.
;) Oh well done that's fab, I have just had a trying on session too lol but still can't fit into my size 16's :sigh: after loosing a stone....ah well on and upwards!!!!! Great achievement


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woop woop! super stuff! well done you! x


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ah well done!! I hope you feel really good and really proud!! xxx


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Well done princesss01 on getting into your skirt that must be a great motivator to keep going. I know I have a wardrobe full of clothes, half of which do not fit me so that is my motivation.

Before you know it you will be buying a 14's.


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Thats great :D soon itll be falling down :p


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Bottle up how you feel now and use it to inspire you when you have an off moment. NOTHING tastes this good


I agree NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING tastes as good as getting into smaller clothes. Well done!!