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got my food for next week starting Monday !


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Hi hun, welcome to the forums. It's gonna be a tough ride over the next few days but it's important to stay focused and come here in moments of weakness instead of wandering to the kitchen! The people on here are great, really supportive and are in the same boat so it's really useful to read other peoples diaries.. It also helps to remind you that it IS possible... Cuz at times it feels like it isn't! Make yourself a set of mini goals to work towards like your first week and your first half stone etc. And tick em off as you go!! Drink loads of water cuz it will keep u healthy, assist your weightloss, and will fill your tummy!
Also watch the inspiration slide show at the top cuz it really motivates you to see success stories!

Be strong, you CAN be slim and gorgeous for your wedding.. Just gonna take a bit of positivity and focus. Don't let your head tell you that you need to eat! Fight it off by repeating mantras like 'food does not control me' or whatever it is that you need to say to yourself to fight the thoughts!!! It really works.

The first weeks the hardest (apparently... I'm day 5! Lol) so just see the next week through and then you will be on your way! Good luck, we are all in it together on here and are behind you all the way x
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Hi, when feeling hungry/low/bored visit this forum and read the inspirational stories and you will get there, keep your goal in mind and stick to it , the lbs will fall away


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Welcome! Stick to it and you will look fantastic on your big day. Use this forum, especially when you are having a hard time. Gets better after the first week. Good luck


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I can only agree with what everyone else has said...
When you are hungry, bored, low get on here and read through what other people are going through. I especially find the before and after posts helpful... then you can see what you can acheive!!!
Housework is great when you are on this diet, clean clean clean, organize everything you can, wardrobes, kitchen cupboards etc. Then take time to pamper yourself, have lots of baths, make sure your nails are painted and tidy (takes time to do it then you need to sit and let them dry)
One trick ive found too... if you have partner/kids in the house who have treats... only buy the ones you dont like :) eg, i cant stand bannana so ive been buying my hubbie bananna muffins instead of chocolate chip ones.... as im not likely to munch them!!!
As the weeks pass, try on old clothes and see how lose they get, or ones that used to be too small, every week you will get into them much easier!!!
Good luck and keep us all informed on how its going!! Writing a diary on here helps too... a place for a rant, to tell us how proud of yourself you are, whatever :)


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Good Luck my lovely! I am getting married in May, my henweekend is mid April and I too want to lose as much as possible!