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Got my op today!

I'm sooo scared lol! Also very very hungry and want my shake as iv just woke up but you can't eat anything after 7.30am :-( how the hell am I going to manage all day without a shake :,-( lol

Do you see the anaesthetist before your op?! I'm really scared they won't tell me when to put my numbing cream on for when I have the canula !! Argh panicking lol
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on the shrink.!!
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Hey kimmie hope all goes okay for you today. Will be thinking of you. Xxx

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Good luck!
I love the numbing cream and always use it for bloods and ops etc.
It needs to go on an hour before so mention it as soon as you arrive!


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all the best , your just have a lovely sleep , then all done :)
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aw thinking of u kimmie!!! i know how nervous u were b4 going but it will be over b4 u know it!! good luck hunnie xxx


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Hi Kimmie,

I hope you are recovering well, and it was not as scary as you feared.

good luck kimmie. it will be over and done with before u realise.
rest and recover well. :)
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Hope everything has gone well for you today Xxx
Well I'm so peed off! Got to hospital at 11.30 and told I'm first on list. Do sign forms meet anethetist at 1pm and told il be down at 1.30.. At 1.20 surgeon comes and tells me he can't do it today as there's no beds!! So he will have to try and get it done in next 28days!! Not happy and so upset :,(
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aw hun, so disappointing for u!! i really feel for u hun, i really do, chin up chick and big hugs xxx


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OMG -- I'm so sorry, Kimmie. All that stress and worry for nothing. They should have know this first thing and phoned you.

Within 28days I have to wait now! I know we spent an hour in traffic trying to get into the hospital! Then waited for 2hrs signed forms had urine checked met the doc (who was sooooooooo nice! Spanish and on LL although there was nothing of her!!) and person putting me asleep, was assessed ready for GA an then let down! I now have no numbing cream left :(
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that's awful. not fair.
Totally gutted isn't the word lol! I just don't know how they going to fit me in now because me and the other women will be backed logged an they have everyone else on other days to do! But what's peed me off more they rang and asked me last week if I want it the next day and I said no!! Wish I had said yes sooo badly now!

Also I should be a "day case" but the surgeon reckons I will have to be kept in because he needs to cut quite abit away.

But now what do I do in regards to my signed forms and my urine sample?! Argh
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The bed situation is assessed minute by minute so unfortunately last minute is as soon as they can let you know. Discharges aren't decided until after rounds which don't start until 8.30 usually and then by the time you get drugs up from pharmacy etc. We used to try and get patients waiting to discharge into the ward lounge to free the bed sooner... if your ward had a lounge that is!

I remember one winter working in ITU (Guy's Hospital) there was no beds left from Brighton to Manchester for 2 nights in a row; all high-risk ops were cancelled and we all were all glued to the news praying there wouldn't be a motor-way pile-up etc. It was horrific!
Oh god!!

There was a lounge lol and I didn't have to go in till 11.30 and wasn't told till 10mins before I was due to theatre :( ohwell I just hope it isn't too long and they can fit me in :(

Just think it's daft they don't start ops until 1.30 either?
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The surgeon has probably been in theatre since 8 on other ops or the theatres may have been in use. It's a different world in there I'm afraid.

Issue seems to be they never told you you were going to be an overnight stay so therefore you were never told the bed issue would be a factor.

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