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Got myself WW Scales

Got the weigh and points scales, theyre fabulous!! Im dead impressed with them. Was at my pals for dinner tonight and can you believe she had a set of the old ones gathering dust in a cupboard, brand new, still boxed. Theyre still selling on ebay for about £30 so not that old.

They have a HUGE database in them. You find the food you want put the item on the scales hit points and voila works out the points for you.

Its got everything, fruit, veggies, meat, cereal, bread everything you can think of.

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Hiya starlight i have the old ones from along time ago with the old ones you had to put the food on then code what ever it was you put on the scales say for instance a slice of bread then you had to press enter the bread then press points. Is your new ones the same as my old ones where you have to pput item on scales first then code what ever it was then press enter .
Glad you like your new scales

With mine you have to press the alphabet so if you was having ham you would have to press H first then A then M and put it on the scale and then press enter to see which sort of ham you was having there is no scrolling down with mine
Hi Starlight,

Was just wondering if you could give me some more information about the scales that you have brought, they look really good but they are very expensive, are they worth the money. As my lovely hubby asked me what I wanted for mothers day and I said that I would love a set of them but they where to expensive.

He must be feeling ill or something is wrong as he said if that is what I wanted he would give me the money to get a set at my next meeting. So just wondered if you could give me a few more details on them.

Thanks :D
The new ones which are just out are £35 I think at WW meetings. The ones Ive got are the older ones which - although these ones are the only ones my friends class leader sells.

The new ones are bigger. The only advantage of the new ones I think are you can put in the calories and sat fat of an item when you weigh it. Having said that the ones I have have such an extensive database that I cant see it being a problem to be honest, everything is there, cereals, meat, chicken, fruit, veggies, bread and some really bizarre things too lol

Id really recommend them :) If I was buying them Id go for the new ones, but as my pal gave me the other set free theres no way I could justify paying for the newer ones now *S*

The white one in the photo is like the one I have, the other one is the new one. The white ones are probably better if. like me, you have limited worktop space in your kitchen :)

Hmm no idea why the photos wont go side by side but theyre there anyway *S*


The ones they sell at our meetings are the newer black ones! So you would recommend a set then?
Definitely Clair, Although Ive only had mine since yesterday lol Ive had a good look at them and how they work and been weighing just about everything in my fridge lol

I think these will really really encourage me to cook a lot more than I have been doing.

All you do is find the food ie mince, in the database, put the mince on the scales and press points and it tells you the points value.

You cant lose, as if you get them home and find you dont like them, theyre still going for the full price (and more) on ebay, so youd get your money back ;)
Thanks for that! I think I way well give them a go as I am sure it is going to be much easier than weighing evenything and then having to work out what the points are on me slidy thing!! LOL

When I get them, trust me you will not be the only one that will be weighing everything that I can get my hands on just to see what happens with what food LOL I will be playing to my hearts content.......
I brought one of those on Monday :D

They are right handy little things. Mine has been in my bag and with me everywhere since I got it.

Mind you they have looked at me a bit weird at work when I get this little calculator out while I am eyeing up a can of soup . :giggle:
Ah I wonder if I can ask you starlight with you being a Moderator, why it is that my PM is not working as Bethany tried it the other night and I tried to do her but is says that I cant use it for some reason. Why is that?

You havent posted enough yet ;) Things like the size of your signature and PMs are restricted until youve posted I think its 50 messages. Its more a security thing to stop people registering and spamming members :)

Hmmm thats why you cant send them but people should be able to PM you. If you go to User CP on the top right of the blue band at the top of the page and select Edit Options, then scroll down, and check that the 'Enable Private Messaging' is ticked.
Oh ok thankyou that explains it, well I am nearly at 50 so we will see what happens then but thankyou for that help.

Ta :D
How do I do that then?

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