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Got off quite light but I do feel annoyed.

I would have been sooo gratefull for a STS this week after early birthday celebrations, but gained 0.7lb. I think I got off very lightly there, but I feel so cross with myself for gaining. Its hard enough to loose without just being plain silly and celebrating with food! A birthday is one day only, but somehow mine is managing to turn into 2 weeks! Next week I have 4 meals out:eek::eek: I'm going to try and turn it into main meal at lunch time (this is when I'm out) and have a lighter dinner. It just means cooking 2 lots of food as obviously the family will still want their main meal in the evening. Never mind, another week ahead but determined to try and control it.:D:D
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is getting better at it
whats done is done and cant be changed now, did you enjoy your birthday treats

can you have alook before hand and see what you will likely be eating on your meals out next week, maybe try and choose something nice and light in cals or if not try and guestimate the value and try to work the rest of the day around your meal

(im not very good at this trying to give advise lark):eek:
have a good week
Thanks, its good advice.:D:D I can plan ahead for 1 meal out - the Harvester - they have the nutritional value on line so that's easy.
2nd meal out is the Wing Wah, eat all you want - more difficult and I have to be VERY self controlled and always fail.
3rd meal is a bit of a posh 5 course meal, might not be as bad as I am expecting on the calorie front - cream sauces etc.
4th meal is a home cooked meal by my friend who is a fantastic cook, but likes to use lots of butter and cream - think hairy bikers in a frock lol. I have told her I am low fat now, but its your birthday says she!, so that's going to be the killer of the week. I think I am just going to have loads of salads this week with fish or omelettes to try and compensate.


is getting better at it
you could always tell her that you have been on a low fat diet for a while and now if you eat to much fat it upsets your tummy
Like the others say what done is done,tomorrows another day and start over again often the damage is very minimal,it is so hard when eating out thats when i weaken & get off track when went to rc the leader used to say to us just move on & start over ,just think how far you have come <im sure next wk you will be telling us you have had a good loss
Thank you ladies, I WILL have a good week this week and today I feel totaly in control and determined. Hope I feel the same when faced with the puddings lol. My cousin has just text me to say she can't wait for all the cream and chocolate in the puds - whats she like :D Slim thats what lol. Makes me sick;)


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Don't be too hard on yourself, just try and go for stir fry at wing wah and you can always ask any restaurant how they are cooked and ask them not to serve you sauces etc.

You can always just have 2 courses and not 3 a starter (maybe melon) and main course or even 2 starters and no main course at all.

Things happen though and you just have to put it behind you, and be back on course on the other days, rather than giving up on the whole week.

Drink plenty of water and up your exercise and you'll be fine.

Most of all, if you are going to eat it you may as well enjoy it and don't worry too much.
Its a horible situation to be in though when you are trying so hard to be good, i am starting RC tomorrow, have about 4 birthday bashes coming up though between now and easter, will try my hardest to be good, if not we can keep putting it off, and putting it off(starting the diet that is)so am hoping that i will be wise enough to choose the healthy options, and avoiding the alcohol!
Best of luck
Frankie xx

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