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Got Soupitus

I'm only on day five and I can't face any more soup yet ordered shakes for breakfast and lunch and soup for dinner thinking that would be sensible, I'm even considering eating the last two days soup as breakfast get it over and done with. I may even order all chocolate based shakes for next week hee hee.

I've been really lucky though and started SSing after no prep, had lots on my last 'old me' day. I've only had a headache for one day and not once felt hungry, I think it's maybe because I'm ready for this now.

Oh soup, I keep thinking about it and making myself judder.

Have a nice sunday everyone, here's to more space in our knickers xx
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Haha thats such a good description of it. I used to quite like my daily bowl of soup but the thought of it at the moment makes me want to chuck. I wonder if when we finish CD we will be off soup forever? Hmmmm


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I also hated the soups at the beginning but got to like some of them now.

Nice on a cold:gen125:

Love Mini xxx


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i'm having shake and soup phobia at the moment made even worse by the fact my mum has cooked the most gorgeus smelling chilli hence why iam upstairs


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broccoli and chesse is not nice :) word of warning i thought it was chicken and broccoli and ordered two my best friend watched to heave whist i had it , lots of llaughs for her smelly breath for mee ;)


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I know what you mean. Mind you, I've felt that way about most of the shakes too. I've only had them because I knew I had to. I saved the chocolate orange ones till last cos I thought I'd like them, but I had one yesterday and got rather close to up-chucking. There's one left... :eek:

The only thing I've quite liked was the banana tetra. I haven't tried the chocolate one yet--I'm saving that for tomorrow's lunch at work.

But boy, will I be relieved when I can have bars as well :D


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I'm feeling like that about the soups too!
I only like 2 soups and I chose to have one for lunch and one for tea!
Although can anyone tell me how spicy the oriental chilli one is? I am wondering if I may like it although I was thinking of trying to get bars from next week for lunch as that would be wasier than faffing with the blender at work!
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I really like the tom soup.....though I know its deffo not a fav on here! I just pour the powder into a big mug, mix into a smooth paste with cold water (quite runny) and then add boiling water(well nearly boiling!) mix well and drink! For some reason after I have drunk the soup I get alot warmer..cos its a hot drink...but I also get a bit of a warm glow..like when you have had some alchol....again very nice on a cold night,....whatever might cause it!

Funny how some of the soups/shakes make you feel so yukky! I remember when I first started I tried a cappachino(sp!) hot......my god it was so awfull..by the time I got to the end of the cup I was determind NEVER to drink it again......but I know there are others on here who love it!
But I guess whatever floats your boat!
I hate bananas...........but love the banana tetras and the banana shakes...how weird is that!!

anyway enjoy what you have......and stick to what you know/like at next cdc meeting.

lou x
Hi there! I don't like the soups either and the bars will be your saviour after wk2. What I do now to vary the shakes is have a warm capucinno with extra spoon of coffee (decaf of course) and the choc tetra, if you use it in two halves and make up to hot choc drink with hot water. It's just another way of getting through the shakes and the volume of water. On the stickies there are other things you can do with the shakes like porridge etc it might be worth you looking, I've never done them myself tho. Good luck!!
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I asked for a mixed selection so I could try all the shakes/soups, thinking that soup would be better for lunch...I now cannot stand the thought of soup, it makes me feel ill just thinking about it (especially the cheese & brocolli I've just had - bleeeeeeeurgh), all shakes for me next week!

Mrs V

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I have tried the Oriental Chili one and even though I hated the soups the first time around, I found that this one wasn't too bad.
The shakes I find that really make my toes curl are the toffee and walnut flavour and fruits of the forest, which I used to love :(

I really like the banana shake, but hate the tetra brick version.

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