Got the packs - all set now...


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Went to see my CDC tonight (she's lovely) and have picked up my first lot of packs, now looking forward to starting tomorrow and to trying the Cambridge packs after having had the LL ones before - great to see such a variety of flavours.

So it's onwards and downwards for me now --- it's amazing how light I've felt since I decided to do this, feel like a ton weight has left my shoulders and I've not even stopped eating yet :)

Hello Katie, it can be such a relief to know you're going on it.
Were you on LL and minimins last Spring? I was doing LL then and think I remember you from here.
good luck the time will just sail by. I have been doing this just over 100 days and am well over 3 stone down. It's not easy, but once you get into the swing of things it goes quickly
Cheers everyone - yes I was on here and doing LL, then life went bleurghhhh and I gave it all up and piled on weight and more weight ---- which hopefully will soon be gone :)

oooo I can feel the excitement, fandabby, will be thinking of you tomorrow hun x
All the best katie with your first week, fingers are crossed for ya and hoping ya will do well, take care of yourself
Good luck with CD katie! Hoping you have great 1st week!

Hiya Katy,
Nice to meet you, where in Lancashire are you?
Im from Rossendale.
Good luck getting started and on the journey.
Lynne x
good luck hun xx
Cheers for the wishes, support and good vibes everyone - they must have followed me to work cos I've got to admit I've had a good day. Only had one soup so far (potato & leek) and I did really enjoy it, have also drank 2 litres of water so far so that's not too bad.

Lynne I live in West Lancs (nr Ormskirk) but I work in Rossendale & Burnley.
:) You know me Irene, I'm just everywhere --- didn't actually have a thread as 'my own' but will do and will use this one.

I'm good, really good. Diet going great, 10.5lbs down on Tuesday, now looking forward to next weeks weigh in. Spent today out with hubby and avoided all food temptations, in fact even better than that was that there was nothing that tempted me, I just looked forward to coming home for my soup.

Struggling with the cold though, though that's a good sign, am permanently freezing and usually to be found wandering round the house under various layers of multi-coloured warm things --- my teenage son is great cos he's great for snuggling with on the sofa while at the same time sitting on my feet - that way they get the maximum benefit :D

Best of all have noticed that my boobs are once more sticking out further than my belly even though my belly has bloated the last day or so (pmt) --- was a much better view when I noticed in the mirror today as the other week when I looked down I could see my belly!