Got through Birthday tea!...


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Well yesterday was my daughters 5th Birthday and it is tradition to have family round and to the whole sarnies and cakes thing. Spent a couple of hours in the kitchen, sausage rolls, little sausages, pizza, veg crudites, chicken nuggets, and egg sandwiches! They are my very favorite Birthday tea treat! (sad I know) How it pained me to 1) not pick at them whilst making 2) not eat any when they were on the table 3) throw the leftovers away. Funnily enough the cakes and biscuits wern't a problem, tho I do feel guilty not having a bite of the bday cake.

But horray me I got thro it! Just the kids party on Sunday now....70 under 5s and a lot more food.....
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Hey it's my sons 5th birthday on Friday and his party on saturday so i know exactly how you are feeling!! Bloody well done to you!


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oh wow,,,great job on getting through that. you know you can do it now if you managed that..!! well done..and good luck for the party.
same for you stinky good luck with getting through the party ;) x


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Well done you! That must have been so difficult but I bet you feel really chuffed with yourself this morning knowing you were really good!

Have a great week, you deserve it after that and I hope the weekend party goes just the same with you celebrating the fact you didnt pick!


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Thanks everyone! I love this place it makes you feel so good about yourself xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mwwwaaaahhhh xxxx


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Thats brilliant! If you can get through that, you can get through anything!


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Emmie well done im so proud of you!!!

If you can survive that you are flying!!!!