got to gold now put on :(((


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i am feeling down :(((( got to gold 3 weeks ago :))) & my leader told me that to maintain i could eat 20 extra points, havent been able to go to class last 2 WI due to work, also trying not to weigh myself as I was becoming a little obsessed with it but hopped on scales today & they show 7lb gain!!!!!!!!!!! really shoc...ked as clothes dont feel tight!!! emotions allover the place now, I go from not wanting to go back, to starving myself before WI on tuesday but do feel really peeved about it :((((
What would anyone else do?? How do others maintain on this new plan, not convinced now my leader was 100% sure about maintenance :SSSSS
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was that 20 extra weekly pts or did you think she said daily? i very much doubt it would be daily & your leader should of been more accurate, maybe its just fluid retention or time of the month which can alter weight alot x


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you say you have not been back to class & have put on 7lbs! well all scales weigh differently & the only ones you should go by are the ones you got to goal with x


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No necessarily ... your scales might be completely different to the ones at ur WI.

Go to WI when you can, and if you gain it will just need altering thats all. You have done it once, so if you have gained a little - you know you can lose it again!

Dont worry too much :) Keep your chin up!!