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Gotta have a rant!!


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Hello lovely people,

Have just got home from my worst flight to date yet!!
We were delayed on the runway in New York for 5hours due to storms, had passengers screaming at me as to why we were not in the air yet!!
Am tired, exhaused and have been awake almost 30hours and stuck on the plane for over 14hours with only 2 shakes to drink during work!! To top it off our fridge broke so i had to drink warm tetras whilst everyone else was tucking in to all sorts of delish food....anyway i did it and am finally home and still 100%, but have just had a text from my cdc saying she won't be able to see me for a while!!

That was it, so no shakes left as was due to get weighed this afternoon and pick up my drinks and now i dunno what to do...could my day get any worse?

Anyway, rant over...missed you all.xx
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oh no, thats not very professional of your cdc, I woudl ring cd hq and let them know whats happened and ask for someone new..

Go have a nice bath and go to bed (after you have arranged a new cdc) i nthe mean time hun eat some meat/veg/salad you need your energy..


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Wow what a day!!!
Go to bed & have a long sleep you must need it lol.
Good luck finding a new cdc xx


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I would try and get another cdc asap you dont want to stop after all your hard work, then a lovely hot bath and an early night.xx
Hope tomorrow is better for you hunni.xx


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Thanks girls...have been on the phone for over an hour now trying to get a new cdc but none that can see me or give me supplies before i go off on my next trip Sat!! Gonna freak out if i can't get hold of someone as i'm away for 6nights on Sat and will not break this diet. xx


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where abouts do you live airgirl?


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I'm in Reading, Berkshire...there are a few cdc's here but none that will see me before i go, and they all want me to fill in forms etc again and start from scratch. I've done 3 weeks ss, am gutted also as i look forward to weigh in and now i have no idea what i have lost this week!
Reading, Berks!


Poor thing - what a day you've had - hopefully Linda can come to the rescue and sort you out - keep the faith! x x
Thankyou, and thanks Linda..i have now managed to get hold of another weeks supply so thats all good. Spoke my cdc husband and she is in hospital, so hope she is okay. Thanks for your help.xx
Thanks Linda, really appreciate you looking for me.xx


Great news Airgirl - you're doing so well, it's be terrible to be taken off track. Hope you CDC is ok soon......
Thanks Minz, i'm dying to know what i have lost this week and think i need to know as don't feel any different and knowing my weight keeps me on track...however not sure what scales would be the most accurate as have only used cdc's......maybe pop into boots?x


Good plan - I would have to know too. After a small loss last week, I know I'll have a better one on Saturday and can't wait.....Let us know how you get on.
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good luck Airgirl - glad you got sorted and fingers crossed it was a good weightloss

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