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gotta lose weight...i want a baby...


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Have you tried the diet Lipotrim hun? It's not a diet for everyone but it worked for me and a couple of other ladies.

Basically it's a total food replacement diet, 3 shakes a day and you can only drink water, the only solid food are the flapjacks that are provided for you.
It's £36 a week, it does take a lot of dedication but once you're into the swing of it, it becomes a lot easier.

You get it from the Pharmacy and you get it weekly when having weekly weigh ins.

The website is Welcome to the Lipotrim Website so you can have a read up about it, see if it could be for you and then see if theres a Pharmacy near you that does it.

Have a look hun, it may be worth a try, it is a diet that works. xxx

Let us know how you get on xxx :)
I also done lipotrim, i actually fell pregnant whilst on it oops! u loose a stone a month if u do it correctly with NO cheating! Good luck on your weight loss and witht the IVF x


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I did Cambridge in order to lose weight in order to start fertility treatment. Like Abbie said it's not an easy diet but if you have something positive to aim for it makes it that bit easier. I lost 5 stone and conceived naturally:) Dieting was my fertility treatment! Best of luck!


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Me too sweet, lost 3 stone on Lipotrim has about 2 to go and fell pregnant... by accident! best surprise of my life though so may be worth a shot...

also you will loose the weight a dam sight quicker this way and can get the ball rolling by summer!



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i have heard about a lot of people getting preggers whilst doing diets like cambridge. i lost a lot of weight with cambridge for my wedding and got pregnant the next month. i doubt i would have done if i hadn't lost three stones first.

abz xx
£36 a week!!! thats shocking!
i cudnt do those sort of diets, i need my meats and fruit!
i changed from 3-6 bags of crisps a day to one bag of quavers and ive replaced my choc with fruit, changed the size of my dinner portions and cut out the coke and now drink pepsi max or squash!
Lou x


My husband = My hero
Fantastic huni, cant think of a better motivation to change eating habbits so im sure you will do fabulousely, look forward to eharing abot your prgress, all the luck in the world for speedy weight loss and IVF xxx


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
£36 is a lot of money but I used to think of it as my own weekly shopping list if that makes sense. I'd have all the food I needed for the week and it didn't feel like a load of money then considering I used to spend more on junk and food that I thought I wanted at the time but never got round to eating. However I hope it still feels that way when the baby is born and that I'll have the money, but I've been told I'll get help where needed with the diet. So hopefully I'll be able to do it.
As for needing meats and stuff like that, I'm exactly the same, however, it's a few months of your life where you're doing this diet and not having those foods so that when you've finished doing diet, you can go back to eating meat and stuff, but obviously in healthier portions etc. :D:D:D
I'm a huuuuuuuuuuuge chocoholic too and that was difficult but as I said, once you've gotten over the first week and you see how much weight you're losing, it becomes so unimportant, your big focus is losing that weight.

It is up to you ultimately, but we were all in that same boat of thinking about what we'd miss, but it becomes easier.

If your way is the way you've chosen then I wish you loads of luck hun, but at least you know theres another option if you want it and wanted to let you know about it. :) xxx

Please keep us updated, I'd love to know how you're getting on xxx
I agree Lipotrim was hard especialy in the early days but once i had lost 13lbs in week 1 it keeps u going!

good luck with the healthy eating , im diet gonna try not to put on too much weight with this baby as i went way over the top with my first bubba x
I lost 4 stone on the cambridge diet, in 5 months then got pregnant naturally. I couldn't lose weight the slow way. If I wasn't breast feeding I would do cd again. However I know it's not for everyone. Good luck with whatever you get on best with


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I have pcos and did the cd to loose weight to start treatment too, i lost over 5 stone and fell pg but sadly wasnt meant to be, then when i went back on the diet 5 weeks later i fell naturally again.

I also didnt have any periods


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Same story for me.....lost 65llbs on Lipotrim and got pregnant immediately after 5 years of trying......

Its tough going but its great to see the weight moving off really quickly as I had been yo yo dieting most of my life!!! When I added up the cost of all my junk food and meals - I saved money!!!!
Good luck Freefalling x
Just want to wish you all the best of luck in loosing the 4stone.
I am hoping to loose 4 stone at least, in this year, so we can ttc our fourth little one.


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