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Extra Easy Grab & Go Breakfasts & Lunches


I'm quite new to the whole SW thing and so far, really enjoying it! My first WI is tomorrow and I'm really excited to see if there's been any movement on the scales.

I work full time and get up stupidly early in the morning and thus I don't really get the chance to make anything at home for breakfast. Then at lunch I'm pretty reliant on what I bring in.

So far I've been having Mullerlite yoghurts for breakfast, MugShots with Ryvita and a couple of Babybels for lunch with the exception of one day when I had a big old tuna salad.

It's getting a bit boring though and I'm trying to come up with ideas to liven it up a bit. I love vegetables but am not a big fan of fruit though, well some fruit I love but it's expensive!

I have 30 mins when I get in to have breakfast at work. At my disposal I have a kettle, fridge and microwave.

Any ideas would be great! Thanks :D
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Hi Hun
For quick breakfasts I like things like Frozen summer berries with yogurt. I take a portion of them out the freezer the night before & keep them in a tupperware box. Then in the morning they are ready to eat with my yogurt.
Also I like things like Alpen light bars, two for HEB Choice & are lovely with a cuppa.
Oat So Simple original porridge sachets, they are a HEB Choice.
Can you make up any meals the night before too?
I find this really helps, I sometimes make up what I call a breakfast mess, I mix baked beans, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms & chopped bacon & have a boiled egg on top. Then in the morning I microwave it for a few minutes & you have yourself a full english in minutes :)

As for lunches I tend to make these the night before too.
Tuna pasta salad
Mug shots & babybel lights
Pot noodles in a mug
Jacket potatoes
Salad, quiche & new potatoes.
Stuffed peppers with batchelors savoury rice.
Potato & spinach bake
Spag Bol
Macaroni cheese.
Pasta & Sauce's

These are all meals which can be made the night before and taken to work to be heated up in the microwave. If I ever have a free day i do some batch cooking and freeze them into portions too. Saves loads of times each evening preparing a meal for work then :D
Hope this helps.
Stacey xxxx
im in exactly the same position, im in work by 7:30am and dont leave until 6pm everyday - as easy as it is to try and prepare meals in the evening for the next day sometimes i dont have time in the evening and then need to grab something from a supermarket and its getting difficult to know what to pick from the supermarket now. Today i picked up some chicken and a pitta bread, some days i get salad from the salad cart (but most days it doesnt look appealing - but i know its free!!) if anyone has any great ideas please let us know.

Thanks xxx


I can haz cake?
Yess the oats so simple are lifesavers.

I'm exactly the same as the OP, 30ms, hot water, microwave & fridge.

Sandwich with the HEB: (3x weightwatchers brown danish!) Tuna/chicken/salad/egg

Some of the soups from HEB

Ryvita with some cottage cheese, cucumber, ham (think you may have to syn cottage cheese though??)

Leftovers from dinner last night

Egg on toast (HEB), with some bacon (can be cooked in the microwave believe it or not)

Low fat super noodles

Beans on toast (HEB)

Sometimes I have some fruit in the morning for breakfast then take my cereal/porridge (HEA&HEB) for lunch for a change.
I fill my salad box for the next day while i'm cooking my dinner, and then take my weetabix into the office for breakfast at my desk in the morning!
Hi Eating Glitter, I work shifts and can find it difficult with breakfasts and lunches.

Most days I make my lunch the night before while I make my tea. I tend to make myself a massive salad with either chicken, turkey, pasta, cous cous, prawns, noodles, ham etc. I keep loads of fat free super noodles, mug shots and the golden wonder pot noodle things in the house for the days when I just need to grab something on my way out at 5am and then will pick up a ready made salad from the shop on my break.

For breakfast, I tend to have porridge. I also make things like bacon and egss quickly while I'm getting ready and put them into a sandwich to eat when I get into work.

If you have a locker or drawer at work, stash loads of free/low-syn foods in there to help - stuff like oats so simple, hex ceral bars, noodles and mug shots.


Wow some great ideas guys.

I've got a little bag I'm taking into work tomorrow with some "supplies" I'll try and make some salads and stuff before I head to work but so far I've got.

A box of Alpen Light bars (though these were IMPOSSIBLE to get, sold out everywhere. I found my box hidden amongst the chocolate bars!)
About twenty bajillion different MugShots (All the Syn free ones).
A giant box of green tea. <3
I'll pop some Mullerlites in in the morning. Going to try and get some Weetabix after pay day to have with them for breakfast.

A lot of the ideas are on hold at the moment as I'm brookkeeeeee but should get more into the swing of things soon. Trying to eat well at lunch time as I'm going to the gym after and I want to make sure I've eaten enough beforehand. :)

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