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Graduation 2010

Hi everyone, just wondering whether anyone is graduating next year? It would be great to have a bunch of us to keep each other motivated until then. I'm looking to lose 2lbs a week until then and be the thinnest I've ever been! Enough is enough - I really do not want to be the fat one on the day!
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Hi SA89,
Im not graduating or anything but just wanted to wish you lots of luck with your weight loss journey. Dont be hard on yourself - results will follow in the end.

Aww thanks precious! such kind words :)


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...

Wish you the best of luck, graduation was a major push in my losing weight since I was gonna be stuck in a picture my parents/family would be proud of, I wanted to look much better than I did. I did get there in the end though, and I'm sure you will. Just keep picturing yourself in that gown and hat lol. Good luck :)
Thanks! It's definitely a motivator. To think that I'm gonna have these pics forever basically. Well done on losing the weight for your grad :). It IS possible!

Just saw your stats - 126lb loss - WOW! So inspirational!


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Thanks :) i'm sure i'll be saying the same thing this time next year to you.

I have actually uploaded my grad photo on my profile album under my avatar. I look forward to seeing yours!

Time and patience hun, all possible, just dont give up the fight, good luck!


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Tell me about it! I've had a rough for weeks but as of today I have realised it REALLY is now or never and once again I am really motivated to succeed!

I graduate in July as long as I pass all my exams lol. How about you?

Im graduating in july too, saw a family pciture the other day and was determined from then i have to loose weight for graduation. Aiming for about 2 stones off. Hope we all do it.

My weight in day is a sunday, so see whats going on tommorow. Been eating better for a week now. I want to do some exersize but im really struggling becuase i have 5 essays to write for this semesters assignments.

How much are you aiming to loose if people dont mind me asking?
Hey JuBean, assignments really mess up the best plans don't they! Everything just turns to chaos around me... in my place it does anyway!

I'm hoping to loose 4 stone by mine (mid July) :S But I think this is a bit ambitious! Still no harm in trying I guess :)
nope no harm what so ever!!

got all my family on board with mine - or so i thought. Then my boyfriend and mum went food shopping with me and bought loads of chocolate! not good.

No assignment time is bad, i have about 3 weeks untill its all done though. Worst part i find is that i have to do alot in teh library and im not allwed to eat in there and its freezing......not a good place. The minute i leave i just want to get warm and comfort eat!


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I would like to lose around 4 stone too. I'm sure we can do if we stick at it!

And the thought of me being in pictures right now - well it definitely wouldn't be a sight for sore eyes lol. If anything this should help keep us motivated!!!

JuBean - I know what you mean about wanting to exercise but having deadlines. I can't exercise at all when I have deadlines but I really hope to change that after my final essay is handed in!
hi sa89, i'm doing a post-graduate certificate at the moment - i don't know if we have a graduation ceremony for that?? if we do though I will let you know and join you
hey everyone!!!

my boyfriend has encouraged me to clip a pedometer to me for the next month and see how little i really do during assignments time. I think he aims to get me to see i am doing mroe then i thought. Might do on weds when i have to book hunt in the library mind. Fun Fun Fun!!
I am graduating this year too - but don't think I am going to bother with the ceremony. Hope I am happy with my weight by that time though, as I get married 2 months after.
I'm off to the library again tomorrow... unfortunately. Books need returning, the weight of them I definitely think carrying them round must count for something! Wishful thinking ;)
i know the feeling sugar fiend.....i have a 20 min walk uphill to my library with my books on wednesday....fun.......

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