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Grandma's Day 3


Totally Focused
So far it's going well. I was working today and knew that i would have no facilities for preparing lunch so I used a tetra brik chocolate velvet. Yummy! The downside was that it wasn't as filling as the shakes. However I have drunk over 2 litres of water and will probably get to 4 litres before I go to bed. I've had no headaches, no hunger....in fact this is so good that I am wondering if it is the lull before the storm and I have it all to come. Hopefully not as my ketostix are pink.

I feel good, very positive and very determined. I was working today with a group of people whom I shan't see until mid May - so I have told them I am doing CD and have promised to tell them how much weight I've lost at our next meeting. That has to be an incentive!
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hey Gradma,

sound like your doing brill. I didnt feel bad either on the 2/3 day and things didnt get worse just easier! I love the tetra's as well there so handy arnt they especially when you cant make a shake or no time in the mornings! That is a great incentive seeing the same people in may, you will flying along by then. Just stick with it and your will be fine. Im on week 2 and as the days go on it gets easier

Becky x :)


Totally Focused
I'm keeping very busy Lisa. I organised my start with a week when I am working 4 days, all different things, so I have so much preparation to do. (I should explain I am an independent education consultant so I work with teachers, heads, deputies, teaching assistants etc leading courses and undertaking their assessments). I am also drinking loads and filling up on water. I suppose I am lucky in that food has never been that important to me. Yes, I enjoy a good curry, but as I work irregular hours most of my food has been eaten on the hoof - or has been totally the wrong thing when I come in from work late.
We are in this together, Lisa. We started together and we'll get through this together. I'll be there for you - and I'm sure you'll be there for me. Just keep very busy for now and you'll do just great.
cheers grandma ! Of course ill be there for you x we will do it then im gonna go shopping and spin round n round in my dresses !! lol
But one thing im looking forward to is playing wth my little girl more not huffing and puffing like a 100yr old !! lol


Totally Focused
That's one of my incentives too - only mine is my granddaughter who is nearly 3! I want to be able to sit on the floor with her and play. I also have three more grandchildren due in May so I want to be able to enjoy them, hold them comfortably, instead of being too big to be able to appreciate it.
We'll get there!
Its my day three also and well I don't know how I feel, I keep thinking I have forgotten to eat because you know when your tummy is growling at you... I must admit its the stories on here that make me stick to it, without this I think I would have fallen off the wagon, can't wait for Valentines Day when hopefully I may finally feel just that little bit more sexy, less beached whale xx


Totally Focused
Welcome Jojo. Its good to 'meet' up with other people who are at the same stage. Aren't some of the stories on here inspiring? They are helping me to realise that I CAN get there - and that there are lots of strangers out there who are actually friends. You, me and Lisa will have to keep each other going!


Totally Focused
Hi Sharon, on to Day 4 now and feeling great! Glad you are too!


Needs a flattering photo
Hi all, sounds like you are all doing great! It does get easier. I find with the tetras then they are quite rich and the first time I had one drank it really quick and went all light headed. I now water them down with hot or cold water and I ended up with about 6 drinks from one pack, so it maded me feel like I had had a bit more.
Day 4 weeeeeee, don't know how I feel really, but I don't feel awful that's for sure, really looking forward to my Monday weigh in, I can't wait, I really hope its good news because I have just been so so good!!!

Hope your all feeling great today xx

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