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Graph or Spreadsheet

That traker thing u use at the bottom has a graph on it when u update ur weight, shows u where u started and where u will b in a few weeks time if u keep going the rate u are now
My Graph is only in days, so I can only see 7 days ahead, anyone know how to change this.
I have one, but it's in Exel and that's not a permitted upload type. Sorry.

Claire, I don't want to publically post my email address, and I can't pm you, but if you can pm me your own email address, I'll send you my spreadsheet.
Thanks Steve

Light dawned when I saw your post, but I'd forgotten how to zip :D

Here's my version, Claire...
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Thank you so much, these are brilliant
isnt it brilliant, fantastic. Thanks ever so

Yes, Steve - yours is excellent! Thanks - have adopted it.
Hey Steve ~ thought I was a bit of a whizz at excel, but you are the bomb. Excellent spreadsheet and highly informative re BMI, % of weight loss etc ~ kinda thing I really like, so thanks :character00148:
I am thinking of extending it to do the estimated body fat %age as well based on gender, weight, and waist measurement ...... only a rough estimate based on a formula from one of Patrick Holfords books.

I have a separate spreadsheet that does that, and just thought I would combine the two.
BTW - you are all welcome. I found it a good inspiration to see the graph which is why I built this in the first place.

If anyone has any suggestions on what extra it could do, or what it could do better/different, then let me know!
Steve is there anyway something could be added that will show you when you will reach goal based on average weight losses ?, prob very complicated and I can just about write a basic formula in Excel so I am prob asking far too much here
Can we make this a sticky so people can always have access to the spreadsheet.
Steve - That chart is the bollox - big thanks
Hi Steve, thank you, thank you thank you! this is great, i love it!:thankyou:

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