Puddings Great for those missing or cutting out their lovely desserts!

Chris Taylor

S: 21st4lb C: 13st12.5lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 7st5.5lb(34.73%)
One of the things I came across quite early on in my diet was this great classic dessert which when you see and taste certainly doesn't make you think you are on a diet. I tweeked it to make it bigger and less Syns so here you go, give it a bash you will love it.

Slimming world Trifle.
Making jelly base with lovely fresh gala melon that someone kindly put in the slimmer of the week bowl this week and a lemon jelly and strawberries but of course use whatever your favourite Speed fruit is and lots of it.
Put in fridge to cool and set.
Then made custard with 2 x vanilla and chocolate mullerlites with a strawberry jelly. Again put in fridge to cool and then spread on top of jelly.
Cream top I used half a tub of fromage frais and half a tub of quark sweetened with powdered sweetener and then finished with segmented orange segments/strawberries/Pomgranite seeds, whatever is your personal taste mmmmm 1 syn for the whole thing as normal as used Morrisons sugar free jelly crystals which are 1/2 a Syn each.
This is a must and will last you an entire week. Give it to your family and friends and no one will even consider that this is a "diet" dessert.
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