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Great scales..

Hi guys,
I bought some new scales this week that measure your body fat as well. What a great invention, they have made a huge difference to me as well. I maintained my weight this week but I had been grazing quite alot, only fruit though but I was still abit concerned.
I had a good meeting with my LLC and after listing what I had been eating she pointed out that I should be eating rice and pasta now. We realisied that I was eating to much salad and fruit and not enough energy food, this was the reason that I was looking to eat more fruit with all the exercise I was doing I wasn't intaking enough calories.
I still wasn't absolutely sure thinking I may start piling on the llbs if I start eating pasta etc. That's where the scales come in I jumped on them and would you believe my % body fat is 17.2 % ( acording to the weight watchers book 15 % is excelant and 15.1 to 20 % is regarded as good) This has given my confidence such a boost and reassred me that I can start eating more normally. I had spaggetti bolognaise with my 1 oz of cheese grated over the top :) and just to prove the point I felt full and didn't eat anything else.
I wish I'd discovered the scales ages ago it would have been great watching watching the % body fat dropping week by week. Has anyone else been using these scales? Do you find it an extra boost over normal scales?
I'm hoping now I can settle down into managing my weight in a more calm and organised manner and hopefully by not getting so stressed I won't be grazing and can avoid the odd binge.
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I've gone from having close to 50% body fat and am now down to 25% I think AJ - who lost a similar amount to me had a similar transition - Although I do think home scales are wildly inaccurate for bodyfat (the true test has to be done with those funny calliper things all over your skin) - you can fluctuate by 5% in a day depending on home scales. Mine also measure hydration which has gone from 38% to 50%.


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I dont have the scales but bought a body fat monitor from LLoyds. You input your weight and height, hang on to the metal pads and it works out BMI & body fat.

I still have at least 3 stone to lose, so its still high, but it is encouraging to see the number drop!

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