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Great things I have found to eat and drink.

Just wanted to start a thread that was dedicated to nice new food and drink ideas, I appreciate you can always look on the what are you eating or drinking today threads but wanted one that was just for new foods we have found that really make a nice change.

I will start off by giving a few things I have found recently that helped a lot.

Hot and Spicy Pork Ribs from Saisbury's
these taste so nice that I am always sad when they are gone :D 1.7 grams per 100 grams.

Sainsbury's Hot & Spicy Meaty Pork Ribs 450g.

Big Mac without the bread

Macdonalds will do this for you if you ask, as far as I can work out they are about 4 grams each, what works best is to put the filling between 2 burgers and eat it like a sandwich, tastes more or less the same as it does with the bread.

Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings from the hot meat section of Sainsbury's, works out to approx 2 grams of Carbs each wing.

Well that's it for starters, have a load more ideas but will add them over time.

Just one request, if you post on here could you be quite clear on the item so people do not get mixed up and buy something else, also some info on the Carbs would be nice.
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The sausage range from Lidl, the milton gate ones, less the pork and apple are all 2Gm per 100Gm carbs.

they look like this.

actually, these are even lower 0.4 Gm Carbs per 100 Gm.

Also, I like the Mattessons smoked pork sausage, the original one, the light one is very carby. I think these are also less than 1 Gm per 100 Gm

I think you can get them in any supermarket.
great posts, thanks guys, come on everyone let's have some more ideas :D

I will add another.

Cauliflower mashed the same way as mashed potatoes is great for a Sunday Roast. I know most of you will probably already of done this but for those that haven't it might be of use.
and used as caulirice. :)
Jim asked about the Sour cream n Chive dip i'd been using on salads recently so here's the info i passed on to him -

The one i bought was from Somerfields.

£1 a pot and contains per 100g 4.3g carbs so if you have a 10g spoon it's about 0.4ish carbs which is about what you'd have on a salad.

Makes a nice change to mayo!

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