Great weightloss book I've been reading


now got pictures in album
S: 23st4lb G: 10st4lb
Great weightloss book I've been reading

It's called 'Get off your arse and lose weight'

Your very own life *****!!

It's brilliant, straight talking and gives you loads of advice, does all that clever cbt stuff

I would really recommend it!!!

Product Description
"Steve Miller takes a refreshingly common sense and straight-talking approach to fighting the flab... Warm and witty" -- Irish News (Belfast) 20080112 "Straight-talking advice on how to get thin" -- Lincolnshire Echo 20080112

Product Description (stolen from amazon lol)

No more excuses! The Life ***** is here, and he has no time for whingers. If you know your bum looks big, then get it off the sofa.

Steve Miller is an expert in training people in positive thinking. His approach depends on using skills that everyone has: common sense (you are fat because you eat too much - no one is fat in a famine) and a bit of determination. He is tough-talking (he calls a hippo a hippo) but warm and witty too; and he shows you - with real life examples and stories - techniques that really work. His approach is realistic, and all about getting real. This is not just about shedding the flab, but about becoming the person you want to be, and realising that it is in you to make it happen.
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