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green book


a new way of living!
Has anyone seen the new ww plan yet? i saw my leader handing it out to some to try for a week as guini pigs for next weeks launch.

i was dying to find out what its like, the book was actually a little green folder, kind of cute really. the leader is very excited by it anyway!

hope everyone is well

Helen xxx
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dont know but i think Pixie is a guinea pig too.. but she wont tell anyone anything :( only a week to go though until everyone knows! xx
I want a green one!!!:(

Was speaking to my leader about it today and she's very excited about it. She said it's a big change, but it's brilliant! Can't wait til next Wed now!!!


a new way of living!
TELL ME TELL ME!!!!! I cant stand it any more!!! :sign0009:

Oh Sandy I'm disappointed already, all this hype for months and months! Please tell me at least that its weekly points instead of daily? Give me something!!!


a new way of living!
hehehe, i agree, its a desire to know, simply because i shouldn't know!! lol :D

anyone on monday meetings? can you all please post in case i cant make it to the tuesday?

(sad i know!)

If they are changing things they should at least make it so you can switch between plans more often that once a week. That's the one advantage slimming world has over ww imho.


Going From Flab to FAB!
I totally agree with you Sandy ....... Im a helper and i picked a green folder this is my second week, but im not following it so not a true guinue pig lol ...
i wont say anymore than that cos im not allowed to BUT please dont get yourselves all worked up into a tizz .... Yes the books are cute and nice and new But ummm well .............
I can't help but feel that it's just going to turn out to be a marketing exercise, so some slight changes to get old members back & encourage new ones through the doors by going on about how WW has changed, even better than before etc...

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