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Green day HEB - TUNA!

I started Slimming World in 09, lost 30lbs (of which I am 17.5lbs still off, will get there in the end) and .... AND .... I have only just realised that I can have tuna as a healthy extra B choice on a green day!! I only ever do EE so I can have tuna so now I can have it on my normal green days .... I can't believe I have never know this!!!
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I now don't feel so bad about my little oversight either! I have been doing SW on and off for several years, and have been doing EE a few times over the last couple of years, and I never knew that you're meant to fill at least a 1/3 of your plate with superfree food..............having been to 3 welcome sessions you'd think the consultants would have made that a bit clear! But nope. I also missed that page on one of the many occasions I have re-read the foot optimising book. Incredible.

Luckily I have managed to lose some weight during that time, but imagine how much more I would have lost if I had been having the correct amount of superfree!

So it feels a bit like I'm on a brand new plan again now!
Tuna HEb on Green

I have a can of John West no drain tuna chunks in brine (120g) is this a HEb for a green or too much?

The book says 113g of tuna, so the 120g is marginally over the HEB. Not sure that 7g of tuna will make all that much difference though. Although I am sure some people might disagree!

I'd get on with it and enjoy it if it were me!
Just re-read that and you said it's no drain tuna - I'm not sure about that one. The book just says in brine or springwater. So long as no oil is added then it should be okay.

That said, for fresh tuna, the book says 85g I think..................
Yes the fresh tuna is 85g - having tuna today and weighed out the extra 7gms of tinned tund - hardly tell the difference and maybe you would leave that much in the can anyway.
Thanks will enjoy it with my lunch!

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