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Green day help?? Eating to much??


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Hey everyone
I am back on sw after a failed attempt at other diets, i just cant seem to get into the 12's atal :0(

Anyway, after 3 days of doing 100% green days i made the mistake of standing on the scales this morning only to find i havent lost any weight and now im disappointed and feel like giving up already!. I know its only 3 days but usually when ive done this diet before i would have lost.
Its * week coming up and im really hungry so i have been eating pasta and potatos outwith my meals, like snacking on pasta, mayo & sweetcorn between meals to fill the hunger craving. Now im worried im eating to much thats why i havent lost. but isnt the whole point of a green day to eat unlimited free foods??

Please give me some reassurance or advice to keep me on track!

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Like you said you made the mistake if getting on the scales!!! This is the worst thing we do to ourselves!! You know the plan works and as long as you've stuck to it with your syns you will lose, wait until a week to weigh in properly!!! Dont be disheartened just trust the plan xx


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Don't trust your scales, I know if I weigh myself I always gain between wi and weekend but by Wednesday, I've lost that plus more.


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Stop weighing yourself in between weigh ins. Its not accurate. If your star week is due this can make you heavier due to bloating/water retention. If youre hungry enough between meals to be having pasta i think you might be better off having more at meal times to keep you fuller for longer.

Everyone is different on their approach towards free foods. Personally i feel that although food is free it doesnt mean you can eat for the sake of it ie - when youre not hungry. I try to stick to three meals and only eat between meals if hungry. Try swapping the pasta between meals for more superfree like fruit and veg.

But cannot say this enough dont weigh more than once a week!!!!


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S: 13st2lb C: 13st2lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks ladies

I think its just because its * week im eating so much between meals, im just so hungry :0( I am eating enough for meals but will maybe need to start having a yoghurt or something for after to see if that will kepp me fuller for longer.
Ill need to keep of the scales till a wed morn as thats when i weigh myself at home, i dont go to class. I just like the motivation it gives me when i see im losing the lbs!


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I think 'unlimited' is open to interpretation. Just because it's free you aren't supposed to eat it just for the sake of it. Only eat unyil you are full, I found that at first this was difficult but came to the conclusion that if I thought I was being greedy, I was probably correct so I should cut down a bit.
On green days I would go by recommended portions on the packets of pasta and rice and I would try not to have more than one big potato. Without guidelines I would go over the top.
If you finish your meal and still feel hungry, or if you feel hungry soon after you can still eat something else.

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