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Green Days :)


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I've just restarted Slimming World after losing weight before, and find this site really helpful :)

I started last Wednesday, and have done Green days every day - I don't really find the urge to switch to RED as Im finding green so easy. Im having a tiny amount of protein as HEB - and feel this is enough. Do you think this is ok? Will I lose weight quicker if I encorporate a few RED days each week?
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Hi Ronnie,

Welcome to SW, glad to see you are enjoying Green days. As for your questions, everyone is different, some people do all green, some do red and green, some to extra easy. I don't think anyone will tell you one is better than the other. You will find what works for you.. As long as you have your healthy extras and some syns, you will be fine. Eat what you enjoy as long as your sticking to your plan and it will work.

Good luck xx
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Hi Ronnie, I spent the first 7 weeks just doing green days and managed to lose 9lbs altogether i think it was but then i found i was staying the same or gaining, so i've changed it a bit and incorporated more red days in, last week i'd lost 1 and a half and am waiting for this weeks weigh in (although i have been naughty this weekend so i'm just hoping for not too big a gain!) - so i think the moral of what i'm trying to say is that variety plays a big part in what you are doing. You're body gets used to certain things so you might find you don't get the losses you want, have a play around with the different days and see how you get on! Everyone is different. Good luck!

Mrs V

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Hi there and welcome!
I tend to do 6 Red and1 Green day and that helps with my weight loss, but everyone is different.
I would see how you get on with what you're doing and then if your losses are slow, then add the odd red day in here and there.

Good luck!


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Hi Ronnie, i used to do all green when i first joined sw for the first time, i was losing on average 1lb per week, i decided to try 4 green and 3 red, the first week i done this i lost about 5lbs. I tend to lose more weight if i do a few red. When i was telling my consultant this she said that it doesn't matter as it is both the same. I think it depends on the individual x


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I am vegetarian so for me green is the only option. I lose 1.5 - 2lbs every week and am more than happy with that rate of weight loss. You should do what you are more comfortable with rather than what you think will make you lose weight quicker :)


Trying again!!!
Looking back over the last 5 weeks food diaries I seem to do 5 green and 2 red days - I've lost 5lb to date. I much prefer green days, I don't seem as hungry but I agree with the previous posts ~ everyone is different and you should just do whatever you feel happier with and see how you get on, good luck xx


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In the past, I have tended to lose more weight doing red days than green, but I like my green days, and I think unless your happy on your own food plan, you won't stick to it anyway, so it's best to do what suits you in the long term, as i'm sure if you stick to sw, your weight will come off.

So even though I know i will lose more on Red, I do still have green, as i enjoy what i eat on them.:)
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i have about 5 red and 2 green, when i started i was doing all red and was losing about 2.5 pound a week, i switched to having a few green and started losing 4.5 its slowed right down now so i think im gonna go on extra easy for a few days... see if i can change it up a bit xxxx

good luck weight loss dust for you xxxx


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I too am vegetarian and only do green and lose 1lb to 2lb per week ,nice and steady and never hungry , I dont think it matters too much which plan you stick to as long as you do.

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