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hello everyone, been a member for a while but finally got the courage to make my own thread and hopefully you can all kick me up the butt on my down days :D

so far been on xenical and slimfast, ive lost a bit but not happy yet, want to get to 10/11 stone, preferably 10

currently 12st 6lbs last time i checked and im trying to get the 6lb off but its prooving a pain! :(

joined the gym this week and just got home from 2 hours in there, i intend to go 4/5 times a week and hopefully i will keep this up.

hope you all join me and post lots to keep me going, i have my down days like we all do but i really want to get to 10st by july,

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Good luck with shifting those 6 pounds until your next stone! I've been fighting with 2 pounds for a couple of weeks now and it's driving me crazy!! I'm getting closer to my goal weight and it's getting harder and harder but I am determined not to be beaten! I shall be following your thread with interest.
Cheers Shorty x
hey thanks for the replies, i did 1 hour today in the gym, i think i messed up,

i didnt have breakfast not even a slimfast, i was in a rush to get to nursery and then to gym and i just forgot, anyway i started feeling ill like hungry ill you know when your stomach rumbles and cramps up and i really wasnt doing much for it to feel like that, so i did an hour and i came home for my slimfast, soon as i did that i felt fine

i will be going back tomorrow and will make sure i have slimfast 1st
made it to gym again and did an hour and 20 minutes, also noticed i was able to stay on some machines for longer than i could last week, so i am noticing a change there, which is great !

they also did a measuring thing today, measured all my my body so i can notice the change :) should be interesting lol


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wow you are def motivated. keep it up.!!!

and if you are feeling the difference (in being able to stay on the machines longer) try and push yourself just that little bit further...

hope that 6lbs will dissapear soon!
well i ate pizza hut today so im not so sure that was a good move lol
only had a few pizza slices and loadsa salad, so the damage shouldnt be that bad, hopefully.

i didnt go to the gym today as i cant make it on thursdays but im back there tomorrow and saturday and sundays i have decided is rest day, 5 days a week is enough i think, so i hope i havent lost it too much after having a day off i should be ok, i intend to be in there for ages tomorrow and i actually cant wait to go up there ;)


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oh dear.. not good about the pizza.. how long did it take to come through???

hope you are back on track now.
well ive been gym almkst everyday and done around an hour and half, then been on vibroplate machine thing which is ment to b like an extra hours workout, eaten very well apart from the pizza hut, came through the next night.

and im still 12st 6lb's , now im really getting peed off
I've been reading all this with interest, sounds like you are doing a great job despite the scales.... When will they measure you again? You might be able to see more of a difference there. And the pizza was probably a great wake up call!
hi all , have been bit naughty again but not greatly, just sneaked a lil choccy, still at same weight but loosing size when measured so im happy!

really strange to stay the same weight but loose size but i can defo tell the difference in my clothes :)
been at the gym a lot and can really feel it the next day, i also use the vibrating machine thing for 10 mins a time which is apparently the same as an hours workout, not sure how true that is but will soon find out.

i can fit all my old clothes but i feel better than i did because i can move around that bit easier and all my muscles feel like they are actually being used and are that little bit more comfy when doing everyday things, i was very limited before due to health condition, although im still limited i dont feel as in much pain
lost 2cm off my waist, 1 cm off my legs, and boobs stayed the same whoo hoo, i dont mind about the last one lol

my muscle amount has gone up and fat amount gone down, i am so happy happy happy today !


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well done!!!
and also congrats on the jeans!! its always such a boost to get into something that didnt fit before.!!

keep up the work.

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