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Just wonderin if anyone could give me a shoppin list of what to buy within a budget for a green day? Gonna be bit short these next few weeks so thought id try green days instead of ee for a while, although i may thro in a few extra easy days too.. i swear shoppin is so expensive! And i just refuse to spend silly money lol xx

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will hit target this time
i usually buy these sort of things as usually i'm short on time..

low fat supernoodles - chilli chicken are my fave!
pot noodle in a mug sachets - most varieties are free
batchelor's pasta and sauces
potatoes - for jacket + chips
new potatoes - for sauteeing
asda chickpea dahl or sundar chickpea dahl (both free)
morrisons microwave pilau rice (1 syn for whole thing)
baked beans
mushy peas
spaghetti hoops
corn on the cob
frozen peas
quorn ham - to do spaghetti carbonara

yummy :] making me kinda hungry now lol..



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As much frozen veg as you can get - Onions, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, sweetcorn (I save a fortune by buying frozen instead of fresh)
Pasta - Tons of the stuff
Baked Beans
Mushy Peas
Tinned Tomatoes
Reduced Fat Cheese
Herbs & Spices

This is pretty much my staple shopping list. Plenty of meals can be whipped up with this. The joy of green is potatoes and pasta. So much can be done with them and they're relatively cheap!


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ur a wee star :D What is the carbonara like? I was gonna make it this weekend and use honey roast ham for a bit of a smoky taste or maybe just bacon :D


will hit target this time
haven't made it in a while but it's always lush and my OH can never tell it's a slimming world recipe ;)

i tend to use a dollop of ff fromage frais, an egg, some parmeson and seasoning.. just keep adding until it's fairly runny, then i cook spaghetti and drain it, before putting it into a frying pan and pouring the sauce over it (on a low heat otherwise it curdles, have had this experience - not nice) with the quorn or ham or whatever meat you're using..

so yummy and only a couple of syns depending on how much parmesan you decide to use :D


will hit target this time
ooops forget to add...

keep stirring the sauce until it starts to 'stick' to the spaghetti in little bits.. does that make sense? ahhh it does to me haha :)


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sounds yum..i seen recipe usin quark have u tried this?


will hit target this time
no not tried the quark one.. the fromage frais always worked well for me so i didn't see any point in changing it :) think you use the quark in more or less the same way, with eggs and parmesan etc.. had a bad experience with a quark 'cheesecake' (i say 'cheesecake' as my dad commented it was more like blancmange! haha) think that put me off abit hehe ;)


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Yeah it probably did hehe gonna attempt it and see what happens!lol
My Green shopping favourites are: Mugshots (ususally on offer for 5 for £2 at Asda), own brand pasta (Sainsburys/Tescos do a 500g bag of penne for 9p!), passata & fat free natural yogurt (for pasta bakes), batchelors rice are really nice too & its worht checking out Tescos Meat Free range (usually 2 for £3)
how many syns is the tesco meat free range?
Chicken Style Fillets 3.5 each - used to be free :( but very yummy so worth it in my opinion

Frozen chicken style burgers are free-havent tried yet, but do have a pack in freezer so will report back :)

Veggie mince chilled is free

Burgers 8 pack 1 syn each

Meat style balls 300g 2 syns


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Box of 6 free range eggs
2 x tubs of Light Choices onion and chive cottage cheese
Quorn Sausages
Quorn Mince
Bag of frozen peppers
3 fresh red peppers
Box of tomatoes
Jars of beetroot (I just get the Tescos cheap ones, they're about 20p per jar)
Tub of Quark
Tins of Chopped tomatoes
Bag of potatoes
Loaf of Nimble wholemeal bread
Laughing Cow Light cheese wedges
Tins of Heinz reduced sugar and salt beans
Packets of Super Low Fat Noodles
Tomato and Herb Pasta n Sauce
Alpen Lights
Bottle of Coke Zero

Extras if needed - Worcester Sauce, Chilli Flakes, Chilli Powder, Cayenne Pepper

That's pretty much my weekly shop in a nutshell!


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My staples on green - especially when broke

Mixed pulses (tin of different types of bean and chickpeas)
Laughing cow cheese

So for breakfast I have weetabix (or fruit), lunchtime is couscous with passata or chickpeas, dinner is a bean chilli or a jacket potato and laughing cow, or pasta and tomato sauce.

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