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Green Tea

Hmmm, there's a lot of hype around drinking green tea but I'm not too sure if there is any actual evidence. I think the theory is that because it contains a lot of polyphenols it increases the metabolism. Sorry I can't be of more help - but if you try it and it works let us know!
Hi thanks for your reply!

I am on second week of weight watchers and first weigh in tomorrow!

It was my partner David who has now started drinking green tea as it is supposed to help boost motabolism and energy, :confused: so I have joined him and am now drinking a cup in the morning and a couple throughout the day so we shall see if I feel any better for it!

Will keep you posted! :):)
Hi Allie, thanks for your reply. :)

I shall take your advice and try my very hardest to drink at least 4 cups a day. At this time I am determined to try anything in aid of me losing weight!

First weigh in tomorrow so shall keep you posted! :D


Kirsty xx
I know, I'm extreme! lol
I don't mind the taste too much, it's a bit bitter but can take it! lol
Not that long lol I couldn't.
Is that how long your supposed to leave it in for? xx
lol i dont think i could drink it if i left the tea bag in for 2mins!:D:D
lol k so iv just checked and there are no instructions so i dont suppose it matters he he xx
Im from the lovely town of Falkirk lol :D
u? xx


The mother flippin'
I think it's true, but only if you drink a lot and it only increases your metabolism a little bit. I love green tea in Japanese restaurants but never tastes the same when I make it :( I have a Japanese teapot and loose leaves.
Well on my green tea challenge I had 5 cups yesterday and 3 so far today! lol
Lost 3lb on my first week on weight watchers diet, but not sure if the green tea had any influence! lol
suppose any little helps! lol :)

Kirsty xx

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