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Green tea

I like green tea too, you can get one with jasmine in, that's my favourite!
The selection flavour boxes are a good idea to keep it interesting, I have a relax box (I'm not sure if they have green tea in them), it has flavours including spiced apple and cinnamon and camomile, honey and vanilla. My other favourite is ginger and lemon, it's really refreshing but you need to be a fan of ginger!
Cool will try that! I got the one with lemon and one with raspberries and blueberries.
I got on better with the lemon one but I wish it was a stronger flavour. I'm not liking it that much yet but I am going to keep at it!
I think sometimes fruit mixed with green tea doesn't go so well but that's just my taste as I know someone at work who really likes a strawberry and something (mango?) green tea. I like the idea of the lemon one though, maybe add a slice of lemon for some added flavour?
Another thing you could try is putting stuff straight into hot water to make your own tea, I've done with mint in the morning and roughly chopped fennel in the evening.
Have you ever tried white tea? I think it's supposed to have similar antioxidant properties to green tea but has a milder flavour. I might give that one a go next time!


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I drink it. Just started recently so not sure it's having any effect yet (having come back from a holiday where I ate whatever I liked - not including green tea! - probably not!).

I know a chap who was near his goal and struggling with the last stone. He started drinking green tea & lost that last stone in a month! Might be coincidence but I'm willing to give it a try.

I like the Tesco Finest ones. The Twinings ones taste a bit fishy, yuk.
Im not keen on green tea, but iv been drinking one called oolong
tastes like black tea but without the bitterness,
its supposed to have way more antioxidants etc. than green tea and is supposed to help with weight loss more.
Not sure if thats true but iv been trying to drink it more this week and we'll see when i weigh in next week :)

I loveee green tea so much. Full of anti-oxidants :)
can't get used to the taste of green tea but might give it a go now again:) hear so many good things about it!! i drink lots of black tea with milk but have recently gone off coffee which i used to down like there was no tomorrow so my taste buds might be more accepting:)

used to love the ginger and lemon tea and some ayurvedic tea was gorgeous but i think the fruit teas need so much sugar to taste nice and that defeats the purpose for me. they smell so nice though!

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