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Green tea...

Hi everyone....hope the week's treating you all as well as possible.

On thinking about my fluid intake, I realised that though I drink more than enough througout the day....im drinking waaay too much tea and coffe. Am thinking if giving green tea a try as I'll stilk be getting my warm brew but at the sane time inputing more anti oxidants to my body and saving on milk too.

Has anyone tried the green teas? Which ones would you recommend and has it had any effect on your weightloss?

Many thanks in advance xx
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Haha, no worries :) I do have peppermint tea too but got a bit bored of that....think I may stock up on all varieties so wont get bored. Am particularly interested inhealing properties of green tea tho....have,m.e. So will take all the help I can get:)
I had the same occurrence in my brain the other day, except mine is pepsi max while I'm at work, and I read that drinking peppermint tea would help with this constant boosting I have.
So I made myself a cup while at work and let it cool down, took a massively huge glug, and then realised that I really really don't like peppermint tea!!!
Still bloated too :-( !!
Hi. I was a real coffee addict a few months ago but I got a lot of headaches. I switched to the flavored green tea. Cranberry, apple and pear and mango are all yummy and I feel so much better.

I can't drink the plain one though its too strong for me. xx
hi i've just started drinking green tea the best ones for health are the plain green tea ones they are 99% ish green tea i have been drinking green tea & ginger and green tea with pineapple & grapefruit there is also an apple and pear version but they are only 32% ish green tea, i don't know anyone that has lost weight using it tho :)
Thankyou soo much for the info guys.

I've recently cut down pepsi max too as found out it's a diuretic and can cause bowl problems (in facy my consultants daughter got rushed into hosp wi suspected appendicitis that turned out to be severe constipation due to only.drinking carbonated drinks!!!!) That was enough to put me off that's for sure!

I shall be heading into town for some flavoured green teas tomorrow x
I was a green tea addict at one point, but being off it for such a long time has meant its been hard to get back on it as can be an aquired taste. Ive found that green tea and lemon is a good starting block as it takes the bitterness away (twinnings do a delicate one). I bought green tea and honey last night thinking 'ooooooh that sounds lush!' got home and tried it to be utterly disappointed! x

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