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green tea

Stick with it!! I wasn't keen BUT I kept with it and grew to love it!



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Green tea is an acquied taste!

I love it personally

Try peppermint tea or peppermint with eucalyptus, peppermint with nettle - all from Tesco

Or Oolong tea which is strong green tea

first time i tried green tea.. i thought my mother was trying to poison me.. but after about.. 4 cups of it.. it tasted lush.. lol.. weird isnt it.. and its fantastic for you.. hehe.. so just stick with it honey x x x x
Camomile is a no no as it is derived from the flower not the leaf.

Supermarkets are even making it tempting when you buy flavoured teas now. When I went this morning they've only started to stock banana/toffee flavour teas (can I have them???Lol).
Do I take it fennel is off as well then as it's technically a flower?
I have the flavoured water heated up - does a great job of curbing my fruit tea cravings.
I will try the green tea again though last time I though it was yuk. yukkety .yuk!


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I just tried green tea for the first time!:sign0137:
It tastes like old cigarettes!:jelous:
Never really tried old cigarettes , smoked a few a few years ago but never eaten one lol !!! that was funny lol


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I gave up caffeine from last week, and have been drinking green tea. Definitely an acquired taste, but must admit the Co-op Green Tea (89p for 20 bags) is very refreshing and a must-buy for me from now on!! :cool:

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