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Green Tea?

Mr dr suggested that I have a cup of green tea. It's good for 'the system' apparently. It can help boost energy and metabolism. As I suffer with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, any added energy would be a god send.

So I got some green tea. It's like drinking dandelions LMAO :8855:

Does or has anyone else have green tea?
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I ate my willpower!
:jelous::jelous::jelous: That's what me thinks of green tea!
I don't let like normal coloured tea let alone green tea :yuk:

But my friend drinks it everyday and she raves about it, I do drink hotwater with a slice of lemon and that is very good!!!

NO! Green tea is fantastic, I drink it by the bucket load. And it's really good for you. :)

OMG it was disgusting! I couldn't drink the whole cup.. ewwwwwww

Jim, how can you drink grass flavoured water? LOL

It's now in the bin LOL
Practise I suppose. One of the first thing I did on Atkins was to stop drinking anything with caffeine in it. I didn't like normal tea without milk, so I thought I'd try the green. Maybe it's an acquired taste Annie.
No I didn't know that... that would be a lot easier to get 'down the hatch' LOL. I'll have to see if I can find some. Ta for that info :D


Must try harder...
Hi I tried drinking Green Tea and I agree the taste isn't great! However, I have started buying the 'flavoured' Green Tea - you can get it with a hint of apple & pear, and lemon - maybe others but these are the two I know of and they still aren't fantastic but much better than the normal plain Green Tea. Also I add a sweetener as I have a sweet tooth and that improves the flavour a bit too so there are my tips :D
They do vary a bit Annie, I use the Clipper brand from Tesco. I have tried the flavoured ones and they are OK, but I'll stick to my 8 mugs of green tea and 8 pints of water a day. ;)
Oh, I missed that willkat, yes I have heard of them, I suppose that's a solution as well. Are they expensive though?
Rachella said:

I am on and off the loo all day like a yo-yo which is good for the system!
I'll second that :)

That's not too bad then willkat, sometimes these supplements can cost an arm and a leg can't they.
Hi, I have fibromyalgia and can't stand green tea, but what I do like (and which is meant to be good for fibro) is spearmint tea - meant to encourage better balance of hormones or something, which is good for fibro. It's difficult to get in bags (unless you want it mixed with chamomile, blee!!) but if you have a herbalist or good health food store nearby you should be able to get loose leaves for hardly anything - I foolishly bought 100g as it was something daft like 40p for 50g and I didn't quite expect the enormous bag I got! So I have masses of it, just need to find my strainer thingy.

Is it because you need to find a substitute for proper tea that he's suggested it (sorry, you probably said, but fibro fog...) or because of the antioxidants etc?
Hi anwen, does the spearmint tea help with the aches and pains and lack of movement in the morning? I don't think I've seen that. I'll have to take a look around. LOL at buying so much.

The reason my doc suggested it was for the antioxidants and boosting energy levels really. I don't drink proper tea, I think it's disgusting. I wonder if that's why I wasn't keen on the green tea, although it didn't taste much like tea tea if you know what i mean.

Jim!! good grief, you get through some liquid in a day!

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