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Green Tea


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I drink it all the time, I love it with lemon or jasmine or just on it's own. I don't like milky drinks.
I haven't seen any particular health benefits though. I just really enjoy it.
I drink at least 2 cups of green tea a day as I know it's good for me, but it's never made any diff to me with weight loss



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I've replaced my normal tea with green tea as I can save my milk HE for my porriage! I actually prefer green tea to normal tea.

I have noticed that since drinking green tea I've had losses but that might just because I'm more focused at the moment.


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Ok, thanks for posting.

I have read articles which say it can 'improve' weight loss and I also read something where a test was done in Japan. 30 men all eating the same diet, all roughly the same size and weight and one half drank green tea every day and the other half drank Oolong tea. The Oolong tea group lost 3.2lb's over 3 months and the green tea group lost 5.4 over 3 months. The one thing I'm not sure is if they we're 'dieting' over all and exercising or just drinking the tea.
I drink green tea as don't like normal tea and love the tetley lemon one or the twinings orange and lotusflower one. I do think it helps me if I drink it as it takes away any cravings for sweet stuff.

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