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Green Tea

As you may have heard me say on other threads, I am experimenting with all sorts right now...
I have noticed my taste changing quite radically since starting SS, I want to try Green tea....
Does anyone else drink this? (I was told it was an aquired taste so I am willing to give it a go)
Is there any particular brand that is better than another??

Thanks for all help

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I'll be watching this thread with interest as I've always fancied trying Green Tea because of the benefits.. but have never had the guts to try it!! Here's a thought Tilly, you try it and tell me what it's like, haha!!
I drink green tea with two sweeteners when on cambridge. It doesnt taste like proper tea but its nice and supposed to up the metabolism or something!! Try it, you might like it!


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I love green tea, white tea. Mmmmm

Try a loose oolong tea if you are being hardcore and for the health benefits. For starters though, try the twinings stuff. Green tea and mint is nice, as is just normal green tea

Use water about 80 degrees, not boiling and don't leave it in too long as green tea can become bitter if stewed


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well i hope theres a spare coaster for mee too heehhe


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lol !!


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I buy the Tetley decaf green tea, haven't tried it with mint but it sounds nice :)

Can't stand red bush tea :jelous:


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Hi Tilly,
I quite like peppermint tea especially like today when I had a bit of a tummy upset it brought all that trapped wind out into the open :ashamed0005: Plus nettle tea is ok too.
I get them from Holland and barretts :)


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I drink green tea daily. I drink it with nothing added, and honestly I think it tastes better than regular tea. The regular tea I have to add sugar in order to make it palatable. The green tea is fine by itself.
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I love green tea, and currently am using tetly decaf, but the twinnings ones are good and they do a variety of flavours, i started with these and my particualr favourite is green tea and jasmine. there is a grapefruit one but i wasnt keen, you probably need to try a few to find the one you like. I'm not sure but i have a feeling i have seen a variety box but dont take that as gospel.


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I'm currently drinking 'Good Earth' Organic Jasmine Blossom Green Tea, and it's one of the few teas I've found that I don't need to add anything to, and which doesn't make my mouth feel weird afterwards. It's the first black tea I've really enjoyed on this diet, and I'm drinking lots of it! (BTW got it in Asda.)
:coffee: :D
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I have white tea, and green tea, I don't really enjoy them, but I am hoping I can acquire the taste. I am thinking of trying a bit of orange water flavouring in the green tea, and see what that tastes like!!!!
Well folks....
Never one to beat around the bush, I just popped out to sainsbury's (we needed some milk) So I bought Twinnings Delicate green tea and also Twinnings nettle and peppermint tea.

I have tried the green tea!!!
OK, I drank a large mug full... I can't say I enjoyed it per se BUT it didnt make me gag.. I didnt put sweetener in it or anything and I will definitely try it again. My daughters had a sip, the two elder ones don't drink tea at all but both felt it tasted too weak, The younger who is a tea belly, enjoyed it but also thought it was too weak.
On the packet it said to leave no longer than 2 minutes to stew:) But I prob left it only for half as long, so I will leave it a wee bit longer tomorrow and jiggle it until it gets better, If it doesn't I will probably still drink a cup or two a day (depends if I can stomach the nettle tea) And see what happens.
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