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Greeneye's Food Diary.....

Well I thought I would start a food diary as I am sure I am eating too much food and because I thought cous cous cake was free and ate a whole on throughout the day and was gutted that it actually wasn't... so if anyone reads this please comment as I am a newbie and would welcome any hints and tips. I am also an obsessive weigher and so will probably mention my weight every day.... ha ha, sad eh?

So Today, 12 May 2010. 11 stone 0.8lb
Always on Extra Easy as have only recently started and this seems the easiest one to take onboard. If my weight stops coming off I will make an attempt at red or green.

Breakfast:- Porridge Hex B 28g made with water and added a spoonful of low fat fromage frais and some frozen summerfruits. 1 Ryvita with Quark and a banana on top.

Morning snack:- left over omlette from yesterdays lunch (eggs, potato, pepper, spring onion - all free), banana and mullerlight yoghurt.

Lunch:- Half a SW quiche, new potatoes and baked beans. Strawberries and fromage frais flavoured with half a cadbury's options (1 syn)

Afternoon snack:- Curly Wurly (6 syns)

Dinner:- Pasta, tinned tomatoes with garlic and bacon, worcestershire sauce, crumbled stock cube and chilli powder. (Do the tomatoes count as 1/3rd superfree?)

350ml skimmed milk for tea and coffee (Hex A).

Just seems like tons, but only 7 syns and other stuff is free or superfree... am very hungry this week but this is normal the week before * week.
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Thursday 13th May 2010 - Weight 11 stone 1.4lb Why on earth have I put on weight.... aaaarrrrggghhh. Am seriously thinking of joining Weight Watchers again because I got to goal weight with them before. I put on 3lb a few weeks ago too and nearly left then.

Breakfast:- Porridge with fromage frais and summer fruits. Crispbread with banana and quark.

Snack:- Muller Yoghurt, summer fruits, 2 eggs.

Lunch: 1/2 SW quiche, few new potatoes, pasta, tomato salad. Curly Wurly (6 syns), Banana.

Snack:- Baked Crisps (5 syns) banana

Dinner:- SW Chilli and Jacket Potato, plus lettuce, beetroot, cucumber, tomatoes.
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Friday 14th May 2010 - Weight 11 stone 2.4lb

Ha ha another gain, not sure why, so today I am going to be conscious of only eating until I am full and trying to only eat superfree foods between meals. Do intend to eat most of my syns tho... Today will be an EE day. Porridge and milk as Hex's.

Breakfast:- 28g porridge, 1 tablespoon FF Fromage Frais, summer fruits. Crispbread with quark and a banana

Snack:- Mango and Pineapple

Lunch:- Jacket Potato, chilli, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, gherkins and pepper.

Snack:- 2 apricots, 1 apricot mullerlight yoghurt. 1 Curly Wurly (6 syns)

Dinner:- Boiled Rice and Lamb Rogan Josh (6.5 syns)
Am going to be trying a green day tomorrow, have only done EE so far... so here is my planned food for tomorrow, if anyone happens to come by and you see something wrong please let me know...

Breakfast - 1 Shredded Wheat and Fruit Crunch crispbread (Hex B) with Quark and a banana with milk (Hex A).

Snack:- FF Fromage Frais with summer fruits and small amount of sweetener.

Lunch:- Pasta, tin tomatoes with olive oil and garlic (1.5 syns), 113g prawns (Hex B) and veggies.

Snack:- 2 apricots and Pear plus latte (hex A)

Dinner:- Eggs, Baked Beans, SW Potato Wedges and 3 slices bacon (6 syns)
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And because I am super organised, I also have Sunday planned on Green... changed last minute to EE

Breakfast:- 2 slices nimble wholemeal (Hex B) 2 eggs and mango and pineapple.

Lunch:- SW 1/4 quiche, pasta salad (left over from yesterday), big salad, mullerlight yoghurt.

Snack:- Curly Wurly x 2 (12 syns)

Dinner:- Chickpea and Rice Quiche thingy, baked beans, salad. 3 slices ham

Hex A will be milk for tea and coffee.
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Do you weigh yourself every morning :eek: I used to do this but make a conserted effort not to as our weight can fluctuate by 2-3 during the week and the only accurate result is the official once a week....same time, scales and roughly same clothing.
It can be so demoralising when you see a gain which prob isn't a gain just diff levels of fluid etc.
Yes I do weigh myself every morning, I cannot help it but I do know that my weight fluctuates and I also know that this week is the week before * week when I do retain fluid and am likely to gain. I guess I weigh every day because on Cambridge Diet I did tend to have a loss every day.
Yes I do weigh myself every morning, I cannot help it but I do know that my weight fluctuates and I also know that this week is the week before * week when I do retain fluid and am likely to gain. I guess I weigh every day because on Cambridge Diet I did tend to have a loss every day.
I can relate to this I did the same when I was doing SureSlim.....i battle with it every morning now not to weigh, still do a couple of times a week.
The losses on SW are a healthy loss whereas Cambridge and VLC diets are dramatic.
Hope your having a great weekend xx
Okay, so was weighed today and put on 3lb, can you believe 3lb.... anyway onwards and upwards, not sure whether to cut down on what I eat as I feel I am blatantly eating too much or to carry on as I did manage to lose weight the first two weeks...

Todays menu..

Breakfast:- 250ml FF Fromage Frais with Black Forest Fruits and sweetener... 1 banana

Lunch:- Chickpea Dahl and Rice quiche thing (1/4 of it) plus 1/4 SW Quiche, big salad and tiny bit of pasta...

Snack:- 2 Alpen Light Bars (He b), 1 Apricot

Dinner:- Syn Free Spaghetti bolognaise with 2 slices low low cheese (6 syns)

1 Curly Wurly (6 syns)
350ml Skimmed milk for tea and coffee (He A)

I've just been having a nosey at your diary :) hope you don't mind!

Can I just say, your photos are amazing. You've done sooo well, and it just shows you CAN do it, even if you're struggling a bit now.

Looking back at your first few days of your diary...you did EE days. On EE days you only have one HEA and one HEB. When I had a look, on a couple of the days your had porridge as your HEB and then your crispbread. I know with some cereals you can have a scan bran as well as part of the HEB, but I'm not sure you can have a ryvita therefore should syn the ryvita? I may be completely totally wrong and I apologise if I am...just thought I'd point it out in case. I know it's only a minor adjustment but I've found that I really need to watch closely cos there are hidden syns everywhere!!

You're doing so well, just keep on going and I'm sure it'll pay off :)
Hi Geordiegirl, you are allowed 28g of porridge oats and 1 original ryvita as your HEB, but my counsellor said we didn't have to have both at the same time and could eat them at different times... I have also gone back to EE because I am worried that on Green or Red I will mess up my Healthy Extra's... lol
Hey Greeneyes - I've popped over to see how you are getting on. I had a major!!! gain from my holiday and am now getting back on board - like you I'm a daily weigher, and almost begging the scales to come down, they have a bit, but need much much more.

You don't look like you are eating 'too' much to me - keep going hun :) I'm sure the gain was from * week build up - I know I gain then too.


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