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Greenygirl diary-

Are you doing SS then? your counsellor said you could! that's great.. good luck.. first three days are the hardest... but we're here for you!
Thanks all for the good luch wishes- well had my cappachino for breakfast was yummy!!

Have been drinking water all day- have a slight headach but no hunger- have been busy at work so that was helpful.
I have only just had my lunch at 4pm- that was chicken and mushroom soup- I enjoyed that too

AND the best part had to go to tesco for work and they had 1 wii fit which I promptly purchased- so all in all a great day so far.
DAY 2:

Woke up with a slight headache but had some water and that has gone. Belly feels empty but not hungry!!

Stats are:
151.4 lb
30.4 bf %
50.8 water %

Last night I had a choc brick for dinner and also a fibresure tablet.

Breakfast is water and fibresure then cappachino again with a smidge of the choc brick.

I did a 30 min workout (play) on the wii fit yesterday and my daily weights.

I am surprsied at how nice the "meals" are and feeling very focussed and positive.
well still feeling good- have drank 1 litre of water so far.

All the young people I work with have been complaining I have too much energy- so that great, feel more like the normal (before this weight) me.

Have just had lunch of choc mint- was ok not minty enough for my tastes but still nice.

Still not hungry so feeling happy and very surprised at that.
Just had butterscotch for dinner- was slightly disappointed- smelled great but was rather bland- still drinkable- but only ok. have drank over 3 litres of water today.

All going well
Day 3:

Have woken up with a rumbly tummy this morning and a slight headache. Kids were restless in the night and I was having vivid dreams.

I am going to wait till weigh in day (tuesday) for stats now-

Off to drink my water and make breakfast.
Last night i made a warm "food" with a choc orange pack by nuking it in the microwave- taste ok and seemed more filling- made sure I had extra water- drank nearer 5litres yesterday.

Day 4: woke up again with a headach but went once i started drinking water- my neck aches too but that could be down to the long days of work and training I am doing at the moment, Had mochachoca (1/2 choc 1/2 cappuchino) for breakfast. Drank 1.5 litre of water so far and trying to decide what to have for lunch- still no hunger which amazes me!! I have stuck to the plan 100% and feel really proud of myself.
Day 5: had a sneak on my scales this morning whilst kids stillin bed they show a great loss in weight but no significant change in body fat so concerned about that- dont want my muscle mass wasting away that what burns calories!!! Going to do some weight and then have a mocachino for breakfast. No headache this morning so aiming for 4+ lires of water daily.

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