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Greggs.... anyone know points?

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Sazza, 23 June 2010 Social URL.

  1. Sazza

    Sazza Member

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    Weight Watchers
    Was REALLY craving a sandwich from greggs, got the Sweet Chilli Chicken Bloomer (brown bread) and I have NO idea how many calories/sat fats. Does anyone have ANY idea on how many points I should class it as being? I'm assuming quite high but I thought avoiding mayo was a good idea!
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  3. YummyMummy2B

    YummyMummy2B Silver Member

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    Slimming World
    I had a look in the eating out guide for something similar - 9p for a sweet chilli sandwhich from McDs. I tried!
  4. nicoleaimee

    nicoleaimee chunky chick :-)

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    lol will copy n paste the points i have for greggs, it will be on there somewhere!

    Chicken Mayo & Bacon Sandwich 9.4
    Prawn Oval Bite 7.5
    Cheese Savoury Sandwich – White 13
    Chicken Mayo Sandwich – Granary 9.5
    Macaroni pie (Scotland) 6Ham & Cheese Baguette 10
    Country Grain Rolls 2.5
    Oven Bottoms 3
    Finger Rolls 3
    Large Brown Barm 3
    Large White Barm 3
    Bacon on White Toast 8
    Ham Salad White Barm 5.5
    Chicken Mayo Brown Barm 8.5
    Cheese Savoury White Barm 9.5
    Ham Salad Brown Barm 5
    Sausage on Oven Bottom 15.5
    Egg Mayo, Tomato Relish Brown Barm 9
    Egg Mayo Relish White Barm 8
    Bacon on Oven Bottom 9.5
    Tuna Mayo on Brown Barm 6.5
    EGG Mayo Brown Barm 6.5
    Cheese Savoury on Brown Barmcake 9
    Tuna Mayo on White Barmcake 7
    Tuna & Mayo Baguette 8
    Sausage & Bacon on Barmcake 9.5
    Sausage & Bacon on White toast 10.5
    Ham Cheese & Pickle on White Xbite 9
    Chicken Crunch on Granary Xbite 7
    Cheese Ploughman Oval Bite 7.5
    Cheese Savoury SW on Granary 7
    Ham, Cheese & Tomato Baguette 10.5
    Prawn Sandwich on Granary 7.5
    Chicken Club Baguette 9.5
    Egg Mayo Brown SW 4
    Tuna Salad on Granary 7
    Tuna Salad on Brown 10.5
    Roast Chicken & Bacon on Brown 8
    Roast Chicken & Bacon SW on White 7.5
    Cheese Savoury Brown Soft Bite 9.5
    Salad Sandwich on Granary 5
    Bacon on White Barm 8
    Sausage on White Barm 11
    Tuna Mayo Baguette – White 11.5
    Cheese Savoury – White 11
    Cheese & Onion Pasty 9
    Jumbo Sausage Roll 7
    Potato & Meat Pie (deep) 14.5
    Potato & Meat Pasty 9.5
    Meat & Potato Pie 15
    Tuna Mayo Granary SW 8
    Chicken Crunch White Xbite 7.5
    Steak & Horseradish Oval Bite 5.5
    Egg Mayonnaise Brown Bread 6.5
    Egg Mayonnaise White Bread 6
    Chicken Mayo Brown Bread 7
    Chicken Mayo White Bread 8
    Prawn Mayonnaise Wholemeal Bread 5.5
    Prawn Mayonnaise White Bread 5.5
    Tuna Mayo White Bread 9.5 (seems a lot!)
    Tuna Mayo Wholemeal Bread 6.5
    New Yorker Oval Bite 8
    Sage& Onion Chicken with Bacon Oval Bite 6.5
    Mexican Chicken Oval Bite 6
    Chargrilled Flavour Chicken Oval Bite 6
    Prawn Oval Bite 6
    Just Ham White Bread Pack 6
    Just Ham Wholemeal Bread Pack 4.5
    Cheese Savoury Wholemeal Bread Pack 9
    Cheese Savoury White Bread Pack 9
    Ham Salad White Bread Pack 4
    Salad White Bread Pack 6.5
    Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato White Bread Pack 7
    Tuna Salad White Bread Pack 7
    Cheese Salad White Bread Pack 8.5
    Cheese Salad Brown Soft Bite 9
    Egg Mayonnaise Brown Soft Bite 8
    Tuna Salad Wholemeal Bread Pack 6
    Chargrilled Chicken Salsa Wholemeal Bread Pack 4.5
    Cheese Salad Wholemeal Bread Pack 8.5
    Cheese Savoury Wholemeal Soft Bite 13
    Salad Wholemeal Bread Pack 4
    Ham Salad Wholemeal Bread Pack 4.5
    Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Bread Pack 7
    American Deli White Xtra Bite 6.5
    American Deli White Granary Xtra Bite 7
    Roast Chicken & Mango White Xtra Bite 9
    Tuna Crunch White Xtra Bite 8
    Roast Chicken & Mango Granary Xtra Bite 9
    Tuna Crunch Granary Xtra Bite 9
    Cheese Savoury White Soft Bite 10.5
    Chicken Mayo Brown Soft Bite 8
    Ham Salad Brown Soft Bite 6.5
    Chicken & Sweetcorn Brown Soft Bite 7.5
    Tuna Mayo White Soft Bite 9
    Egg Mayo Soft White Bite 7
    Chicken Brown Tasty Bite 7
    Cheese Savoury White Tasty Bite 9
    Cheese Savoury Brown Tasty Bite 9
    Egg Mayo Brown Tasty Bite 6.5
    Egg Mayo White Tasty Bite 6
    Chicken Salad White Bread Pack 7
    Sausage Breakfast Roll 9.5
    Chicken Salad Brown Bread Pack 7
    White Cheese Soft Bite 9
    Cheese & Tomato Pizza 6.5
    Chicken White Tasty Bite 6.5
    Chicken Club Oval Bite 6.5
    Chicken & Bacon Bread Pack 7
    Chicken Mayo Granary SW 7.5

    Fudge Doughnut (Scotland) 7
    Jam Doughnut 5
    Ring Doughnut 5
    Brandy Mince Pie 5.5
    Celebration Cake 8
    Country Apple Pie 13.5
    Lemon Sensation Muffin 8
    Mississippi Chocolate Muffin 9.5
    Parkin 3
    Chocolate Gateaux 4.5
    Crispy Chocolate Nests 9
    Lemon Slice 4
    Chocolate Slice 4
    Small Custard 4.5
    Fresh Cream Trifle 6
    Fresh Cream Doughnut 6.5
    Chocolate Doughnut 5.5
    Fruit Iced Finger 4
    Vanilla Slice 6.5
    Fresh Cream Iced Split 7
    Fairy Bun 3
    Iced Finger 3.5
    Fresh Cream Éclair 5
    Vanilla & Caramel Doughnut 7.5
    Fresh Cream Strawberry Tart 5
    Toffee Apple Slice 8
    Fresh Cream Jam Sponge 2
    Bake off Ginger 2
    Team Ginger 4.5
    Spikey Mikey Shortbread 8
    Cherry & Almond Slice 4
    Chocolate Chip Cookie 6.5
    Bavarian Slice 9.5
    Lemon Muffin 9.5
    Wholemeal Breakfast Roll 3
    White Breakfast Roll3
    Dinner Cob 3
    Floured Baps 1.5
    Oval Bite 3.5
    Soft Bites White 4.5
    Soft Bites Brown 4
    Wholemeal Barms 2.5
    Fruit Teacake 3
    Fruit Scones 5
    Hot Cross Bun 2.5
  5. Sazza

    Sazza Member

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    Weight Watchers
    awww your a star but sweet chilli chicken isn't there, and wtf white bread is better than brown? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :(
  6. Peaches001

    Peaches001 New Member

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    Where did you get that list from because those things all seem very under-synned! For example, you have the cheese & onion pasty listed as 9 syns where as the Slimming World website lists them at 15.5!! I wouldn't recommend using this list when choosing what to buy from Greggs!x:eat:
  7. Circes

    Circes Strutting her stuff

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    Slimming World
    I think that list is WW points rather than syns. For some reason it has appeared here my mistake.
  8. Ossireo

    Ossireo Full Member

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    Well their website states it has 460 calories - which is shocking comparing it with their chicken mayo sub roll at 430 calories!

    Syn wise- their Chicken Salad sandwich is 24 syns (which I think is with Mayo) I would definitely think you are looking at 20 syns especially as you can't even take the bread as a B box!

    Avoid like plague next time ;)
  9. BritMumInCanada

    BritMumInCanada Gold Member

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    Slimming World
    ready made/pre packed sandwiches dont qualify for a free food allowance, so it will be 1 syn for every 20 calories.

    brown bread is also not the same as wholewheat/wholegrain. Infact brown bread is just as bad as white bread.

    you can only have wholegrain or wholewheat as a healthy extra (57g).

    If the sandwich has wholegrain or wholewheat bread, then you can deduct 6 syns from the total syns as your HEb, but that will be it.
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