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Grow your own food

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Has anyone thought about growing their own food? I bought some seed packets of raddish, beetroot, lettuce, parsnips, cauliflower, sprouts, fennel, peas, courgettes, butternut squash, peppers, chillies, 4 different types of tomatoes, carrots etc, just stuck the seeds in pots with my bedding plants and in gaps in the borders and they are all now growing away happily. They have got to be better for me and they will be free food in more ways than one lol. AND the added bonus of a bit of excersise in the garden tending to them. A win win situation I think. I only spent about £10 on all the seeds and I know its gonna save me loads of money and it doesn't take much time once the seeds are sown - its just a bit of regular watering. Here's to a slim healthy gardener. XX
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I have a patch out back where I grow my own veggies, and across the front of my house in pots where it's warmest - things like tomatoes, chilis, aubergines, peppers, etc. I love it.
G: 10st10lb
Sooooo glad there is someone else out there who is digging for slimming as I call it lol. Its a great feeling when you pick your own from the garden isn't it. XX:)


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I have had an allotment for 4 years, and have been self sufficient in all veggies and salad crops april to october for a few years. I am really sad to be giving it all up (we are moving in 10 days to a new area), so am making the most of the veg that are harvesting now (lots of broad beans, leeks, chard, shallots, garlic and onions and a few celeriac still in the soil :)

Mind you, even though I will have no allotment or garden (to speak of), I will be growing loads in pots and large planters on the balcony. Within a few months I should have all my herbs sorted, beans, toms, marrow, squash, new potatoes, peppers and chillis, chard and shallots along with my pots of asparagus, apple tree and raspberry canes that are coming with me.

This girl is taking the country right to the heart of the city and looking forward to every second of it :D


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Yes, we have a greenhouse, with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, spring onions and radishes growing in grow bags.

I also have strawberries, gooseberries, and black currants growing too.

My DH has a small vegetable patch where he grows, potatoes, brocolli, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots and onions, there is nothing nicer than eating your own grown veg and salad - much cheaper than the shops too.
I ve only got carrots sprouts and runner beans on the go at the moment, Ive not succeded the last couple years with tomatos and stuff but will try em again this year


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Oh I love my "kitchen garden", I have a greenhouse with aubergines, cucumber, tomatoes and a variety of peppers and 3 veg beds with beetroot, salad leaves, radish, courgettes, chard, peas, cauli and purple sprouting broccoli and potatoes all over the place!!

I spend all my spare time out there, it's so rewarding, such a de-stresser and like you all say - your own veg tastes so much nicer.

I'm waiting for an allotment but I can't ever see it happening!!!


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Hi , I brought some seeds from poundland , early this year I put my tomatoes seeds in a few months ago and they are doing really well they have a yellow flower on them now , and also my starwberry seeds i did a few months ago are doing well , for the first year they don't do as well its the second year they get better .
I did loads in pots of other seeds , but some I gave to other people , happy growing !


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i have always wanted to but am scared they will die on me i cant even keep herbs in tubs from the supermarket alive for long any tips on how to start off or whats easy to grow have been on various websites but its all gobbldyguke to me help x


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Don't be scared Jezebel! Supermarket herbs have been forced so can be a bit tricky, but if you get basil you can root pieces in water on the windowsill to make new plants. Just don't overwater.
I started with a greenhouse and 4 raised beds last year, but it was late in the season for the beds but still got loads of salad leaves. I have onions garlic wonderful looking shallots. Beetroot, radish, spinach, pak choi, 3 different lots of salad mixes, broccoli,lettuce, 4 different sorts of potatoes, in the ground and some in gro-sacks, french and runner beans. THEN in the greenhouse I have 6 lots of different tomatoes, loads of different chillis, cucumber, aubergine and pointy peppers! (I forgot the carrots! and the courgettes)I even made a couple of flower beds into veg beds!
Whether it will all work who knows! But I'm like a mother hen when I get home from work to see what's grown! (oh and I have a cunning plan for getting some hens!)


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I have pots in my garden with 3 different types of tomato plants, iceberg and babygem lettuce, basil, peppers, cress, scallions, carrots. I want to plant potatoes and a few other things, will have to do it this weekend! This is my 1st time and I'm loving it, I love see'n how much they've grown every day! x


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I have lettuce (lollo rosso and little gem) sugar snap peas and strawberries in pots in the garden. I also have a big pot of herbs, of which the chives, mint and basil are growing well, but the coriander and parsley aren't growing that well.

Fingers crossed for lots more things growing, for everyone!!!


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will deff give it a try have wanted to do it for ages but just got to get up the nerve to go out there and try have got a garden so no excuse realy its mostly paved but with beds at the edges could also buy some pots would be cheaper and fresher than the supermarket . so thats my plan for next weekend deff going to sort it out thanbks for encouragement judimac x
After 2 summers of waterlogged ground and lost crops i gave upmy veg patch tothe kids for a trampoline but still grow cucumbers, toms, lettuce, peppers etc. Unfortunately i damaged some of the cucmbers transplanting them out.

We grew lettuce in pots on the windowsills and the kids would just go and rip leaves off when they wanted some and to my amazement the lettuce just kept on growing the leaves back, the same lettuce was being eaten for several months, usually i'd have pulled the whole lettuce out ofthe ground and that would have been the end so i never imagined that a potted lettuce would continue to produce.

Three years ago i had some fantastic crops but had a few snail issues, I watered the lettuce one evening and when i went out next day there wasn't even a leaf left :-( snails had scoffed the lot, didn't see any slugs but i guess they helped too.

I will chuck some potatoe skins into a bit of ground soon and they will grow just by being left alone.

There's nowt nicer than fresh organic veggies from yer own garden - just wish I had more time to growmore.


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Ooh me too! We've done a few bits for the last few years but I'm really going to town on it this year! I've made 2 big raised beds, just dug over a third as I was running out of space!

Growing: Potatoes, carrots, borlotti beans, runner beans, peas, sweetcorn, tomatoes, courgettes, dill, coriander, parsley, rosemary, radishes, turnips, spinach, swiss chard, beetroot, strawberries, raspberries. Yum!

Have had some radishes so far, can't wait until the rest is ready - as long as the pests stay away. Have had some probs with foxes trampling over the newly planted veg. Don't know how to keep it away :(

So pleased to see lots more people doing it too! :D It is so rewarding growing veg, I love showing my children the plants growing every day.

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