Grrr - how can some people be so horrible!


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Aggghhh… have to have a rant!

At work today, on of my coleagues burst into the staffroom clutching a photo album and excitedly exclaimed "Ah, Miss James... just the person I wanted to see!" (I’m a teacher). She had something to show me. Well, she had a few photos of past kids and some of staff which were taken a few years back. She waffled on about how much people had or hadn't changed... her main target was (of course!) me. She took great pleasure in finding out the ones of me when I was much slimmer (about 5st worth slimmer!). Then went on to say about how much weight certain people had lost . She then took my photos around showing people and not saying anything... but everyone knew what she was saying... she was simply pointing out how much fatter I am now than then! She was totally out of order!! A few people came to me after to say how out of order she was - it was SO obvious to everyone that she was just doing it to hurt me. Her timing was perfect... she was only quizzing me on dieting yesterday and knows how I feel... she just had to have a dig! Just when I was feeling better about myself after losing a bit of weigh... I feel like s**t now! What a cow!
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oh sweetie... yes indeed what a cow. but seriously it is sooo much more a reflection on her than it is on you... in fact not on you at all!!

you are sorting out any issue you may or may not have with weight and how dare she do that.

the fact that people came to you afterwards shows they know she was being a cow also!!

chin up honey you will show her!!!


Gen xx


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What a b**ch! Seems like others have realised it too! She's the one that's lost credibility, not you! Shrug it off hon!


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There was no need for that at all!

She is obviously a very sad person, who can only feel good about herself by bemeaning someone else.

You show her girl, you are soooooo much better than her.

"What goes around, comes around" springs to mind. You will have your day soon too!


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No need for that at all ! But everyone is right, it just reflects on her being a nasty insensitive person....there for all to see ! Avril is spot on too, you can choose to alter your weight but she is probably always going to be a nasty cow. Hugs Melissa


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Oh I'm so sorry that your colleague was such a moo-bag to you!

I hope you're feeling better about it now, hun - the best revenge will be to prove her wrong!!!


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What a nasty piece of work she is! I completely agree with April !

Do you think you might be able to challenge her?
Could you "politely" ask her, in front of some of the people who supported you, what point she was trying to make?
Ask her if she really thought it needed to be brought to your attention in that way when she knows full well you are addressing it?

I suspect she will be even more embarrassed than you were by her!!

((())) to you and don't let her spite be an excuse for finding the 'wrong kind' of comfort!

Oh, and WELL DONE YOU for not smacking her in the chops! :D

Jeanie x


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personally i'd wait till i had everyone attention, smile sweetly and say to her... "yes, look how we have all changed... except for you, you're still a mean, spiteful *****!" See what she has to say then!

Ignore her, people like that really aren't worth it...


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she's more than a cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a tosser!!! When I read your post it made me so angry, how can people have the absolute gall to do that. I presume she is a teacher too? How the hell is she let loose on the kids...doubt much postivie reinforcement goes on in her class.

Grr.... training for some members of staff on how to be more pleasant needs to be on school development plan!!!! ;)

def agree with punkass!


Focused & goin for goal!
Thanks guys, I know you are all right. That is exactly what my friends at work had said. She just wanted to bring me down and most of the people who she showed actually thought she was bing very insensitive... I think it did show more about herself than it did of me. I shall just be very cool with her tomorrow and try not to show how upset I really am with her... I'm sure she want's the reaction. She is a cow and I should expect nothing less of her.
I'm feeling a little better and am going to keep looking forward to my goals and how much better I will feel as the weight comes off.


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Don't let her get you down & you're right not to let her see she's got to you, she's obviously a bully along with everything else. Keep your chin up & make sure you show everyone your lovely new photos when you're at goal.:)

mrs tweedy

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I completely agree with what has been said by the other posters, (((HUGS))) some people are just mean, maybe your losing weight threatens her somehow and makes her feel somehow insecure (jealous?), well that's her problem not yours so just keep your head held high and don't let her negativity get you down xx