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Guilty.. whoo-oh-oh-oh-oh.. :(

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Hi everyone. I joined minimins bout 3 months when going on the herbalife diet. Essentially 2 proteins shakes an one large meal a day with snacks etc. Unfortunately it didn't work, even when i gave it my best.

Now I diet myself as I've given up on clubs. I was doing well before xmas an lost 6 pounds but put it up over the hols. But now when I diet I have this part of me thats like 'its never gunna work you may as well just eat those biscuits or cake' Then i gorge on the stuff. Then i feel overwhelmingly guilty an hate myself for failing. In want it get off this record thats on repeat over an over.

Not even sure why im making this thread. Maybe I'm hoping that there are others that feel or have felt the same.
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We all feel like this at times, and this is why our diets dont work. I have found that writing everything I feel down in a diary, at the time I am feeling it helps. I read over what I have wrote in the past and come to know why I feel as I do and how to get over it and stay focused..... Having done every diet there is over a 40year period, I now know that the problem is with how I deal with food..... If it isnt in the house we cant eat it!
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Thanks for your reply. Must get me a damn big note pad! I lose weight really slowly and i kinda lose heart because i dont see the changes. I just have to try that bit harder!!


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I have a tendancy to lose weight slowly as well. What Ive found works for me is that every time I get bored on a diet I change diets although that doesnt work now coz Id have to refeed since Im on a vlcd but it got me through quite a few months.
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Yep, I am the same totally....
Feel like giving up completely....
Yup, got loads of sticks to beat myself with, in case I cant find one when needed! ;)

Feel very different now though, and feel like I am working through things in my head while losing weight.

What plan are you going to do?

MrsPopi - anything we can help you with? xx
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Imagine that goal you have in mind..... mine is a copy of the dress Helena Boham Carter wore to the golden globes this year... I imagine myself in it now!!(not an inspiring sight lol) and how good I'm going to look at my step daughters wedding in it (maybe better than the bride herself lol).....I really so want this
So far this week I have gained 3lb....due to asthma, I'm back on steriods.....sticking to diet tho... and still in ketosis, so hopefully when I come off the steriods I will have a massive weight loss (I wish)
Stick with it, cos if we dont all we do is continue to gain a bit, then a bit more, and before we know it we are back where we have started....love to all, xxx
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I do, the reasons being, not just to check whether I'm in ketosis, but also to keep a check that I'm drinking enough.....that is, if they go darker pink I need to drink more cos there is a build up of ketones, which could damge my kidneys (have a damaged one already so am extra careful of this)
Do you mean the darker they are is not a good thing, as mine are stuck at +++, Is getting it to ++++ bad? but went to ++ in the afternoon. Is that a good thing, lighter after drinking in the day?
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+ & ++ is good, but any higher you need to try to drink more, as there is a higher concentration of ketones in your body and you need to flush them out.
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yes it means you are drinking enough during the day, you might need to increase what you drink in the evening tho... I know this means trips to the loo during the night, but might be worth it.
But remember ketostix are notoriously unreliable. Once I'm in ketosis I show permanent very very dark pink I can be drinking 3/4 litres of water plus my shakes and it never changes there's no way I'm dehydrated or not drinking enough

Don't get too hung up on them - bottom line is if you stick to the diet drink your fluids then you'll be in and stay in ketosis


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Same thing

I also start and then feel it's useless as invariably I give up and go back to old habits. I have a hell of a lot more than you to lose as well and to feel better I know I should do something and stick to it!
I have just gotten my pack to start herbalife on Monday so here goes another one!
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Hi, have you tried the beck book? It's call the beck diet solution and its based on cbt. Is simple to do and has some great ways of making you think about things. You can get it from amazon.

If you want more info a load of the ladies on the Cambridge maintainers forum are reading/using it x
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I think we all feel like this sometimes, for me its usually when Im hungry I just start thinking Im not losing much anyway so why keep putting myself through all the effort and going without.............but dnt give in even if u only lose a pound a week for a year thats over 3 and a half stone and that IS worth it!

Log on here when u feel down and think u might be about to give up u will find plenty of support and encouragement :)
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can i ask, what is ketosis?

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