Gutted!! Please give me advice x


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Hi all
Been on cambridge for 4 weeks now, first 2 on ss - lost 17 and last two on ss+.
Honestly i have not cheated but in total the last 2 weeks only lost 3 lbs. My cdc told me to give her a sample next week and to carry on but so disapointed. I can definately tell i have lost weight and am pleased with my 20 lbs but what is happening? i am having 2 shakes, one bar and a chick/fish salad/veg meal. The only thing the cdc came up with was my salad cream. I cannot find fat free anywhere so was using weight watchers. Also i do have about 2 sticks of gum a week. I go to an evening class and very self conscious of my breath as have found this diet isnt kind to your breath.
Do you think its the gum and/or dressing? Has anyone else had this slow point so early on? My cdc did say some people have patterns and this one maybe mine.
I really really would appreciate any feedback. I have had my inlaws staying and watched them eat takeaways, out in pubs etc etc and not cheated once!

week 1 -13
week 2 -4
week 3 -2
week 4 -1
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I'm brand new to CD (so I might not be much help), but can you have it without salad cream - I know you said you got the low fat/weight watchers, but on this diet you are trying most of all to cut down on carbs (so you remain in Ketosis) I don't know the carb content of your salad dressing - that's just a thought.

It says in the starter booklet - at times you may experience a "plateau" when weight loss slows down, but cm/inches continue to be lost. During this time you body is losing fat but retaining water - so keep measuring your body - to boost your confidence.

Like edibeedee says make sure you are weighing/measuring your food.

Don't worry that you are currently doing SS+ (with one meal of healthy/low carb food a day) as alot of bodybuilders on ketosis, have a "proper" meal once a week - to re-feed their bodies & it boosts their metabolism, as the body basically thinks theres real food again, I'll start burning it up - but when they go back to their strict diet, it takes the body a while to catch up & notice the abundance of calories is not there anymore & starts burning calories up again like a madman & as theres not enough calories it uses alot of stored fat.

Obviously, we are not bodybuilders, but I imagine - you are just in a plateau (retaining water) and will soon start losing more weight again - don't get disheartened, you are doing a great job, congratulations on your weight loss so far & for not cheating (that must of taken alot of will power)

Anyone reading this don't follow the bodybuilders (one meal of real food a week routine) stick to your CD diet, as they are bodybuilders regularly working out for hours & hours and their muscles alone will burn loads of calories - I was just pointing out that if you are currently on the SS+ stage of your diet that's good thing, as we don't want out body to forget how to burn/use real healthy food, as otherwise when you reach you target - I imagine we will struggle to maintain our new weight (if that makes any sense). In the long term we will have to use healthy eating & exercise to stay in shape.


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Thanks for you advice, yes am def weighing my chicken and fish to the gram. I will try salad with no dressing (yuk) but if anyone knows of one i can use would appreciate it. Also what i forgot to put yesterday was i am using a herb on my fish and dressing as my cdc seems to think that is ok - what do you think?
I love this forum as it does keep you going - and am so heartened that people take the time out to reply, I make an effort when i can help too. We are all in the same boat xx


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Hi karen, Don't be too downhearted you are doing really well and if you think about it that's 20lb loss in 4 weeks which is fabulous!! Could it be Totm maybe? this sometimes slows down the loss and then by next week it'll sort itself out. I lost 17lbs in my first 4 weeks doing just SS so i think 20lbs is amazing. I think they say most people will lose approx 1st per month so you are way above that for your first 4 weeks.
As for salad dressings i found some 1 cal spray Balsamic dressing in tesco (frylight or something) which i use, it's no mayo but it'll do for now. Also for the breath i bought a sugar-free breath spray from superdrug which i keep in my bag and that has helped lots!!
Keep at it, it'll work itself out.
Good luck for another great week!



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Thanks Lellycd!! I will look out for the spray and i cant believe i never thought of the breath spray myself!! I am learning sign language at the mo and in class you have to be sat knees touching so thats the main reason i have gum.
You too are doing so well!!! What stage are you at now?
Thank you again xx


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The downside of VLCDs like CD is that we come to expect fantastic weight losses rapidly and each week.
I too, become very despondent when i have a small loss, but have to realize that all those following WW or SW, etc., only lose small amounts each week.
I am in my 10th week and have lost 36lbs, sometimes big losses, sometimes small losses and even zero gain/loss this week (but my own intentional fault).
Don't lose hope, it has been a fab diet for me and i plan to continue for another at least 6-8lbs loss by working up the steps.
Your loss over 4 weeks is fantastic and well worth it and on the right track to the weight you put on over 11 years. ( peeped at your other posts)
Good luck, you can do it.


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hi Karen, i'm now on my 2nd week of SS+ after 9wks of SS and now only have 7lbs to go to target, am really chuffed that and even with food this week i still lost 3lbs. But as Nibbles said sometimes we can expect the huge losses every week and it can be disapointing to have 1 or 2lb, I just think about when i did SW and it took me 7 months to lose 2st and feel so lucky to have found this diet!
By the way well done for being so strong when othera around you are having takeaways etc, i know how hard that is.
Are you also taking measurements? i find that also shows you that even though the scales don't move much you are still losing inches.



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Some people plateau at week 3 ... but keep going and I promise your body will catch up. What about your measurements - have they gone down in the last 2 weeks??

Are you drinking enough water?? Constipated?? TOTM???


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I remember a thread that said chewing gum had an ingredient in it that was used to bring goats out of ketosis, however that could just be an urban myth!

Kraft do a fat free dressing, as do arden farm(or grange, can't remember!)

I make up a dressing using a bit of milk and some vinegar, herbs, and a ton of black pepper. It's yummy, but shake it lots!


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Do you know i bet that is right about the goats. You don't think that chewing gum would make you put on or not lose weight. Not one stick will pass my lips this week, i am going to buy the spray and try to find all the recommended dressings - you are all stars !!!!


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S: 12st13lb C: 9st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 23.3 Loss: 3st3lb(24.86%)
I remember a thread that said chewing gum had an ingredient in it that was used to bring goats out of ketosis, however that could just be an urban myth!

I laughed out loud, but please forgive me. Why would a goat want to be in Ketosis ?????? And what flavour gum do they like best ?????


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yeah i'm the same. i lost 10lbs in wk 1
, then 3lbs in wk2, then 0lbs in wk 3, then 3lbs, then 0lbs and now i want to lose this week. i only seem to lose every other week which makes me so frustrated! its still 16lbs in 5 weeks but if don't lose this week i will be bummed!


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Hi Leeds123. My cdc said some of her ladies have patterns and that could me my problem - and yours too?
Its soooooo annoying as you think why bother having shakes etc etc but as you say 16 lbs in 5 weeks is good and i am looking at it that if i wasnt doing this diet i would probably put 16 lbs on in that time, so in theory i would have lost 32 ha ha - hope you understood that.
Are you doing your inches? That is what is making me continue as i can now see and feel it already
Glad to see other people in the same boat, although it isnt nice. It does work as i have seen so many people on here that have lost stones
Keep going xx


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You've done fantastic - my CDC warned me that week 3 on average could be a small loss and mine was 2lb too. Keep going and you'll get the results you want.

I brush my tongue with a soft toothbrush and have not been troubled with the bad breath - make sure you brush off the white residue that seems to stick on your tongue and that should do the trick.


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Karen, I know you have had many really good replies so far, but just wanted to add that I am in my fourth week too and have had similar results to you. I am doing SS+ now, but dont have any dressing on my 'salad' if you can call it that......but I have been chewing gum alot and even found that I had 13 pieces in one day!!! Weighed in on Sunday and had lost 3lbs and now think that gum may be the culprit. I am still chewing this week and have not lost any weight so far, but have decided today to limit to 1 piece a day.
I also know that I am not visiting the loo enough (4 times in 4 weeks), which is a concern but I am trying to rectify now.

On the positive side, i am still very happy with what has been lost so far, knowing that I would not have lost any of it doing it on my own so quickly, so don't worry you are doing great and will continue to.......


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You've still lost 1.5 stones in a month! Thats a fantastic loss. Set yourself up with a ticker and see how far you've moved on already.
Well done, you have nothing to be disappointed with.