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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by pudge30, 27 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. pudge30

    pudge30 Full Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Just thought i'd come on here and ask for help. It was my weigh in last night and im absolutely gutted, I gained 0.5lb i know its not a lot but i haven't really been losing alot of weight at all this year, im still the same as i was at christmas i keep losing and gaining. I have been 100% all week i filled a food diary in to keep me on track. This diet ruined my weekend too as we were at a party and i decided to drink soft drinks (diet coke) so i wasnt having any syns and i didnt touch the buffet food which was hard because everyone round me was eating. Also we went out for a family meal on sunday and i choose a sunday roast as i thought it would be better and all my family (around 20 people) had a pudding whilst i sat there with nothing. All that hard work and making my miserable for nothing. I am absolutely heart broken and i dont know what else i can do.

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  3. lentil2

    lentil2 Gold Member

    I also gained half a pound last night but I am not down about.....oh no, no, no!! Quite the opposite, it has made me more determined to lose something next week!
    Honestly, half a pound is nothing, could be a bit of water or even something different that you were wearing.
    If you have had a good week, then its got to come off at some point and another good week will probably see you have a great result next week.

    Like me, I see you are fairly close to you're target weight and really, in my experience, it does slow down, you have to be more patient. Hard as it is.
    Sad to see that you feel your diet ruined your weekend though. I guess its just a case of weighing up what you want more, to lose weight, or to be able to go out and eat and drink what you like, though doing that doesn't necessarily equate to having a good time ;)

    Sometimes gains can be delayed, so whilst you say you have had a 100% week this past week, what was your week before like?
    Just keep on keeping on...that's all we can do!
  4. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    You have my sympathy. Any gain is hard to accept, but one that you can't account for is extra tough to deal with.

    It is hard to give any help without knowing a bit more - do you go to group or are you doing it by yourself? If the latter, how up-to-date is your information? If the former, what help is your consultant giving you?

    I would suggest starting a diary on here so that people can see what you've been eating and make suggestions. As you kept a paper food diary last week you could post that so that we've got something to work on!

    Have a look at few diaries for some ideas as to how to post - most people detail meals rather than just list foods eaten.
  5. pudge30

    pudge30 Full Member

    Thanks for the advice my week before was a good week and i lost 0.5lb which i was upset about that too so i was expecting at least 1lb - 2lbs loss this week
  6. pudge30

    pudge30 Full Member

    Thanks for the advice. I go to group every week. My consultant is going to look at my diary as he is not sure what is happening.

    All my evening meals are from SW mags as i get them all out at the weekend and plan my week and then lunch is usually different variations of salads, breakfast is usually weetabix or porridge using my a and b
  7. LittleFlo

    LittleFlo Member

    Not sure if it's any help, but are you having superspeed foods? When I got into a little rut of 0.5lb, my consultant spotted I'd not really had any superspeed foods so I incorporated them back into my meals.
  8. pudge30

    pudge30 Full Member

    Im not 100% sure lol what sort of meals do you have?
  9. LittleFlo

    LittleFlo Member

    Superspeed are things like strawberries, raspberries (most berries in fact!), mushy peas I think are superspeed too. If you look in your book, they're the ones with SS next to them.

    I was having a lot of apple and bananas with breakfast so I substituted them for strawberries or frozen berries.

    Mushy pea curry was a bit of an experience too, not as horrible as it sounds!
  10. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    Hi Rachael,

    in order to give you some constructive feedback, we need to understand more. Which plan are you following? Red, Green or EE and please post an example of your food diary with syns so we can try to help you.
  11. MagicBeans23

    MagicBeans23 Full Member

    I agree with the delay aspect, sometimes it can be the week before catching up with you & you might not see the benefits of your good week until next WI.
    I also read somewhere about the importance of syns. Some people find that cutting them out/saving them up works for them. Others find that sticking to, say, 5 a day helps to speed up their weight loss.
  12. Vickyt89

    Vickyt89 Full Member

    This could be an option for you maybe. It's called 666, basically for six days, you eat only 6syns and have at least 6 super-speed foods along with your 1/3rd superfree..
    It has really helped me get out of a rut!!! I did it for 3days the first time and the rest of the week I stuck to my usual EE plan.
    Also changing up your healthy extra's can help too. And all your meals really, change everything up, shock your body!!
  13. lentil2

    lentil2 Gold Member

    If you are not sure you are having your superfree, this could be your problem!
    Assuming you are following Extra Easy, you should be having 1/3 superfree foods with your meals. Even if you are having red and green days, if you are struggling to lose, it may be worth having more superfree with you meals to try and shake things up a bit.

    Let us know how you are getting on... :)
  14. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    LittleFlo suggested upping superspeed foods - these are not the same as superfree and include things like (from memory) chicken, some fish, melon, berries. They're denoted in the book by ss
    Last edited: 28 May 2014
  15. lentil2

    lentil2 Gold Member

    Ah yes... my mistake!! I do know what superspeed is....I just read it as superfree!! lol Need to pay more attention!!

    Even so, the advice is still the same.....make sure, with meals where you can, have plenty of superfree AND superspeed! ;)
  16. Diamondintherough

    Diamondintherough Full Member

    Good thread.... I remained the same and was gutted because I had increased my walking by loads! Interesting to read your words of support re super speed and super free foods... I will up my intake of these too... Hoping for a good loss this coming Monday. Agree, although gutting to gain or stay the same when you have worked hard... It does make you determined to see the results next weigh in.

    Breakfast = strawberries, raspberries and chopped kiwi

    have drunk 3 pints of water (feel like I'm swishing lol)

    lunch reduced salt and sugar baked beans on toast (2 x slices from whole meal nimble 400g loaf)

    They are good choices, right?

    keep going everyone... We can do this x
  17. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    And a good reminder for all of us.
  18. pudge30

    pudge30 Full Member

    Hi everyone thank you for all your help. I havent had a great few weeks as ive had birthdays and a small break away so lots of eating out but im back on it now. I handed a food diary in and my consultant said i need to increase my intake of food because i dont eat an awful lot during the day which i thought i did but all i do eat during the day is fruit and salad so all super free he said i need to bulk up my salads a bit so today i have added pasta to it today and usually all i have for breakfast is 2 weetabix or porridge so today ive also had a bowl of sliced bananas, grapes and strawberries with a fat free yoghurt on top i feel really full at the moment lol

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