Gym on dukan, weight loss or muscle gain??

Discussion in 'Dukan Diet' started by mariloo, 16 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. mariloo

    mariloo New Member

    Hi everyone,
    Im just wondering if im doing the dukan diet and going to the gym a few times a week too will i lose weight or gain muscle??? I really need to lose a lot of weight after having twins and have succesfully done that on dukan before but i wasnt going to the gym then just walking! Im not doing heavy work outs im doing a 1 hour session with a personal trainer 3 times a week but atm its mainly intense cardio. I cant ask my pt for advice because he'll go mental, he hates dukan diet and has put me on an absolutely ridiculous diet that i just cant follow as im starving all of the time. I really dont want to gain muscle like a body builder lol.
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  3. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Hi Mariloo

    Its a myth that women gain muscle and bulk up like men... our bodies are not built for that. Women builders go into a whole other level of training and eating to get to where they are.

    I have been exercising on Dukan from the third week into the diet (felt light enough by then :p). Started off doing cardio only for a couple of months and then incorporated free weight training into my regular routine. I have not bulked up and have lost both weight and inches consistently ...

    I don't go to a gym but workout at home (doing Chalean Extreme now as I needed a more structured weight lifting program). Love every minute of it!

    Lifting is one of the best things I've ever done - I feel super strong and can see some definition in my arms and back already :D.
  4. mariloo

    mariloo New Member

    Thanks Bonkers,
    that makes me feel a bit better, I have over 30 kilos to lose and am thick built too so i am paranoid about getting bulky. Im going to stick to Dukan I think and just not tell my personal trainer, he thinks its his ridiculous 700kcal a day diet thats making me lose weight :mad:
  5. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Glad I could help...

    I must say - I do randomly look at my calorie intake to see how much or how little I am consuming. I have yet to record anything over 1000 kcal (and I eat a lot - like a whole chicken during the day and a salmon or steak at night :eek:).

    I have read of people having to portion control (at some point during Dukan) to manage their calorie intake - but I just can't see the need to ever :p.

    All the best on your journey and let us know how you get on xx
  6. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    I did cruise for a year to get to target as I had a lot to lose and I never bothered with portion control - if I was hungry I ate as much as I wanted!! As long as its allowed you should be ok :)
  7. Hello! I have just started on Dukan but also running a half marathon in a couple of months... yikes.. not really ideal I guess but need to get on with it.. bridesmaid outfit (already bought by my best friend :/ ) and a holiday all planned. Gotta do it all... is it possible?! Am hoping so x
  8. SilverSilph

    SilverSilph Silver Member

    Hey Mariloo

    I can tell you from experience that even with an intense 5 day a week weight lifting and cardio regimen you won't bulk up to a body builder size. You'll tone definitely but bulk? No. I did gain some decent muscle but unless I purposely flexed hard it was not noticeable. I've some pics on my profile if you want to see.

    I've a friend who is a bikini body builder and the insane amount of work and strict, strict, dieting she has to do before a show is really unbelievable! Also she's a personal trainer so she practically lives in the gym :p

    Edit: the pics are in my old diary not my profile sorry :/

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