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Had a hard day today.

Yep, not the best of days. I've felt weak and feeble the whole day. I did half my usual time on the bike and was just so mentally drained I gave up and went back to bed. One positive was I went back later on and finished my time, this is the first time I've made the choice to do the right thing instead of the easy thing so I'm fairly pleased with myself, and it did feel good when I finished.

I think it's just stress of this weeks weigh in, 22 stone has been my block everytime I've tried to lose weight, I get there and then nothing, doesn't matter if I eat Pizza Hut for a week or nothing but fruit my weight never drops below 22 stone and that's what I am now. I'd be over the moon with 21 stone 13 lbs, a pound isn't too much to ask for, especially since I'm being good, eating better and doing plenty of exercise.

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hi Steve, You'll do it this time. You sound so determined and you've found Minimins. I couldn't count the number of diets I failed at before I found Minimins. This site kept me on the straight and narrow, and on a diet I never believed I would stick at, and I have broken two barriers whereas before I had always gone back up. Now two years on, I am about to break my third and final one and go down to a weight I have never seen in my adult life!

So don't go quiet, shout! No matter what you are going through, someone on this site has been exactly in the same place, and someone else will say something to you that will help you!

Have a great weekend and sending you lots of positive vibes for Monday :vibes:
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Thanks for the positive vibes, I need them!

The last couple of days have been really hard, mentally I feel like I'm crumbling but I'm trying my best not to give up. Tomorrow is huge for me, if I don't lose anything I fear that I'll do my usual "What's the point?" and give up, unlike other times I have really tried my best so it would really be a dagger to the heart to see those scales not move after all the effort I've put in. I've gone from absolutely no exercise to doing 20 minutes on the bike, doing laps of the stairs and working my arms everyday, my diet is also 100% better.

Last week I lost 4lbs, but I was heavier then usual, I'm usually 22 stone on the dot and it never moves, this is why this week has stressed me out so much, everytime I try and lose weight that 22 stone wall blocks me and I give up. I keep track of my exercise time and I have done double of last week, so I have been trying.
You know logically that the lb you lose to get under 22 stone is no different from one of the pounds you lost last week. You know that. You realise that this is just a mental block. At the end of the day what weight you lose is a mathematical equation between energy in and energy out over the week. If it helps, try and reprogramme your sub conscious to replace a negative experience with a postive image. Before you fall asleep tonight, visualise the scales saying 21 13lbs.....or why stop there.........let's go for 21 10lbs!

I am very confident you will have a good result tomorrow. You are doing all the right things.
Hi Steve, getting a little worried about you. Don't go quiet and give up. You can crack this. You really, really can. I guarantee it. Go look at all the success stories on here. As someone once said on here, you only fail at something when you stop trying. If it didn't show 21 something on Monday, just try again first thing in the morning tomorrow, because it is happening, you are losing.

I weigh in tomorrow (Wed) and haven't been very good since Sunday so I am not over confident that I will have lost as much as I need to to get me on my road to goal. But one thing I do know, even if I don't have a loss tomorrow I will start afresh again and have another crack at it. There is no other way.


is going to loose!
Come on Steve, how did you go?

If it's not this week you will loose it next week, you are going to beat the 22st! Why? Because you can and WANT to.


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