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Had a naughty week - cos i wasnt on Minimins!


i will be slim
i think its weird coz when i went a bit naughty a few weeks back i didnt come on here and when i did i went back on the plan 100%..

all the support and seeing everyone doing so well is great and makes me nore determined to stick to it and get the weight off!!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Well done for staying the same though Hun! Welcome back and knuckle down to it now.



Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks guys - busy planning my next weeks meals etc as we speak!
I can totally sympathise with you on this, I am exactly the same. Back on it now as I am back to my original weight! :cry:


Full Member
I'm on this forum almost every day, i'm sure it spurs me on to be good! so I can understand where you're coming from. But STS isn't bad! It's not a gain ! :) xx


Now to maintain.....
ooooooooooooooo moomin.......you are back!!!!! yay!!!!!
if you had a really bad week then you need to see that sts is good!! not a gain!! now you are back you can jump right back into it and carry the losses on.
I absolutely agree with Luverick. This forum is my support network between groups. I had a holiday week from group this week, because I had family visiting, and I reckon I would definitely been a lot more offplan than on plan in the inbetween times when family wasnt here, if I hadnt had this forum and you splendid people to come on and keep my focus with.


The Original Honey!!!
Ok, ok so you've been a little naughty but hey you didn't gain anything.....not 1 single pound!!! What a great place to start back on plan after your little s/w holiday/cheat. You haven't got to reloose anything you've put on it's still onwards and downwards.

I bet you loose big next week

Glad you're back



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It's good you're back Moomin. STS isn't bad at all, minimins is a fantastic site with so many supportive people on here. It helps to keep me on the straight and narrow! GL for your next WI xxx


Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks ladies x x x


Serial Foodie!
welcome back moomin. i wondered where you were too! STS is fab for a naughty week... well done for not undoing any of your hard work. xxx
I know what you mean, I am dreading my internet going off a week next thursday as we move house and i am looking at about a week before i get internet access which is why i am moved over to weightwatchers till we have settled ( hoping the point system will help me when all i will be doing is grabbing quick foods) and then will be back onto slimming world. Your all my support network so going to be really hard till i can get back online. Staying the same hun though is a good achievement especially if you felt you went off course a bit. Welcome back too xx

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