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Had a nice weekend away

Hi Bethany, Good to see you back x


To infinity and beyond!
Glad you enjoyed your weekend away. Hope you are still positive about your restart with WW.

Good luck with your weigh in.


Gone fishing
Glad to hear you had a good time away Bethany :) Come on...give us details. Where did you go? What did you get up to?
Hi Haley
Went to isle of wight never been before went and went out for 2 days went to needles where there is some shops and like a pleasure park too and plenty of cafes

Hi Karion
Went to isle wight never been before it was a change and seen different places went to godshill and im not kidding you went into this cafe and guess what there was a cabinet full of fresh cream cakes that many different sorts and they was apsolutley full of fresh cream they are known for it at this cafe and been playing crazy golf and been on the amusments I like those grab machines where you can win a soft toy if you can grab it i was addictid to these machines wone 2 little soft toys then went to a pearl factory and they were really expensive there was all sorts of pearls but very pricey but nice thow been to a place called needles where there is shops and scenery where you can take photos
Thats about it really came back today


Gone fishing
Oooh, lovely :) The Isle of Wight isn't far from me. Most of my fathers family live there though we didn't know that until I was older.

My great aunt (on my mothers side) lived there too and we had a couple of holidays with them.

and guess what there was a cabinet full of fresh cream cakes that many different sorts and they was apsolutley full of fresh cream
Reckon I must be due another visit :D

Did you go with your partner?
Yes I did and it was a nice break but back at work tommorow
Where abouts do you live in isle of white there is so many different places you could go to but 4 days is not enough to visit all the island


Gone fishing
I don't live on the Island, but I am on the South Coast. The IOW is often chosen for school outings, but it's nice for any age.

4 days isn't enough, but 4 days is 4X better than 1;)


To infinity and beyond!
The isle of wight is fantastic. I went there a few years ago, it was like the sort of holiday we used to have when I was a kid. Lovely sandy clean beaches. Fabulous!
HI Bethany,
Great to see you back, i have just got back from a week away and the diet went abit awol really,lol. Nevermind i got back on track yesterday and reallt enjoyed it so hoping hat today will be the same. Good luck with your restart When are joinng again? is it tomorrow? i weigh in on Weds I am not really looking forward to it but i am going cos i know that if i don't go i will not stay with it i need the inspiration of the group.

Glad to hear that you had a nice weekend away it aounds fab especially the cream cakes Yummmmmm my Fav.

Love Busy XX
Thanks Holly and Busy
yes the beaches are lovely and at one beach there is a wooden hut what does rock cakes freshly baked so had one really nice

Busythanks for welcoming me back when you go away you do go a bit of the diet . My ww meeting is a wed night I think you are better to go and facce the music and then can start from scratch again calling it a new day and week
Yes the cream cakes are to die for alot better than you get round yorkshire never seen any as big
Take care Holly and busy
Oooh I feel so proud to live here now! lol You're all right, it is lovely!

Glad you had a lovely time Bethany - I know exactly which cafe you're talking about ;) Yummy isn't it. :D
Yes it is sparkle and these rock cakes was freshley baked . Do you know godshill there is a cafe what sells fresh cream cakes and youve seen nothing like them so much to chose from and thick with cream . Need more than 4 days to tour all around the island

Thanks sparkle

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