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Had my baby...

Kate Helena was born by planned C-section at 12.10pm on Tues Sept 28th. She was 15 days early and weighed 3.8kg or 8lb 6oz and is doing very well. She's absolutely gorgeous and eating and sleeping well.

We had a very stressful final 2 weeks before the birth as I was in and out of hospital with various problems such as fever, chills, racing pulse, disturbed vision, blood and protein in urine and high blood pressure. I was admitted a couple of times as they thought it was sudden onset pre-eclampsia. Then tests ruled that out and they decided it was a virus of some type. I started to worry something would go wrong with the baby and then my son went down with measles - goodness knows how as he's had the MMR but he got diagnosed with measles and as that can cause stillbirth, I really started to worry, especially as we wondered if that was my unknown "virus". I was admitted to hospital the night my son was diagnosed and the C-section was done the next day. They then kept me in for a week so that the newborn wasn't exposed to DS whilst he was still contagious. It was horrible not being allowed to see him while he was ill but I didn't really have any choice, you don't want to risk measles on a newborn as it can give them pneumonia. She has jaundice but not badly and as we live in the tropics, a little bit of sun should soon sort that out. We were all finally discharged today and it's lovely to be home. I never sleep well in hospital and I can't wait to be in my own bed tonight.

DS is thrilled with his baby sister which is lovely to see.

I gained a total of 9 kilos in the whole pregnancy and 6 of that had gone the morning after the Caesar so I'm pretty pleased with the weight though I haven't weighed myself since. I'm back in ordinary clothes just one size up from pre-preg and I think I'll be back in my previous size in a couple of weeks when all swelling etc has reduced.
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big bear

A bear on a mission!
OMG I'm so glad that everything turned out ok in the end and both you and Kate are well. Poor son, glad he's ok with his little sis and hope he's on the road to recovery too.

Many many Congrats hun and you take it as easy as you can and get yourself better. Once you're feeling up to it make sure you post some pics.

Take Care babe XXXXXXX
Huge congratulations, what a lovely name and a healthy weight too;) glad you are both home and feeling well, I bet you are very relieved its all over as you def havent had it easy ;)
Well done on the weight too, enjoy :)

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