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Had My Dress Fitting Today - Was Great!


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Hey guys,

not long back from my dress fitting and can I just say, am on a high! Way back last year I had to squeeze my sorry lardy ass into the sample gown, I knew then that I loved it, even tho I could not breath in it so I went ahead and ordered the same gown in my then size - I had asked to order smaller but the shop would not entertain that. Anyway, went to today to get my first real fitting so alterations could begin. My dress is huge! And I must say, I felt really little in it - great feeling. I asked if I could try on the sample dress and I'm so glad I did as it fitted and was actually even a bit loose round the hips! Woop Woop! Anyways, thats my dress all pinned and ready for alterations to begin. I still want to lose a bitty more and with good old lipo this is totally possible, so am back n a fortnights time, but on that fitting I have been told no more time so I have to be happy by then. I hope I can give it 110% til then.

Thanks for listening.

P.S have changed my aviator pic as the one that was up was bit out of date (was jan time)

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wow pineapple, you must be dead chuffed!
It must be a great feeling to be able to get into something that was tight before!! Its nice to see when hard work pays off !

You look great in your piccy, hope i look as good as you x


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wow hun the sample dress was too bug just shows you that the customer is always right,you should be on a high,loving the new pic just showed my oh and all he could say was bloody hell(thats good) xxxxx


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Hey Pineapple. When you getting wed? Im getting married this year too!! October 3rd then off on our honeymoon on the 7th and my birthday on the 8th!!

I found my dress in a local shop and was brousing internet one day and came across a shop that was closing down. I phoned to see if, on the off chance, they had my dress and they did but only in a size 12 but she was selling it £300 cheaper so i just bought it! Have been on Lipo for 3 days now as i tried WW (again!!) and have shifted 2lb in about 4 weeks....then i found this site and cant believe how much inspiration all you girls have given me to do it!!
Got to admit, finding it hard but defo not gonna give up. Just hoping the tiredness and all will go soon. Am gonna try my dress in 2 weeks and see if there is much difference..... wish me luck!!!! xxx
Dont know much about dress fittings, but I bet you looked a million dollers babe. xx;)


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Aww thats great honey im really pleased for you! I bet you looked and will look beautiful xxx


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My goodness look at the difference in your photos!!!!!!!!

Well done - just looking at wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses myself - but not until Sept 09.


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you look amazing pineapple xxx i cant believe that time has come around so quickly! you must have been so excited today :)

h x
aw hun you must be getting sooooo excited now - not long to go eh? What a great feeling to have the dress on and it be too big!. You will be wearing it soon for the big day - WOW! BTW your new pic is fab xx


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I love proving people wrong dont you lol, awh im soo happy for ya you've come so far theres no dtopping ya now girl your gonna look fab on your wedding day!

And WOW on the new pics i think i said it on a different thread but ill say it again ya deserve it x
Thats great pineapple, you will be stunning!!! You must be getting excited now. Wish I had have tried LT for my wedding, instead had a size 18 dress:sigh:, I was still beautiful though, cause I was soo happy!!
Thank you everyone for your kind words. Yes it was fab proving them worng but they never said much about it to be honest, prob scared I kick up a big fuss about all the alterations having to be made and how they should have listened to start with, knowing me tho the pressure of getting into a smaller dress would have been far to much to cop with tho!! 4 weeks today and I'll be in cyprus then my wedding the following fri (23rd may) cant wait. This weekend has been really tough on the diet.. i so hope i can keep going for a couple more weks.. x


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you'll do it hun, dont you worry, I'm sure you'll look totally gorgeous too :D xxxxx


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you look brilliant,,i cant wait to have a before and ater pic,
Thanks toni. Away to take the pooch out for his walk - burn some cals!!