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Had my walk in the woods - and pics


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Well, as I said, I planned to go for a walk this morning... and i actually went LOL.

I walked for an hour! The first half hour was as brisk as I could make it, the second half hour (on the way back to the car) was a bit of a struggle and I had to rely on my walking stick quite a bit. Now my foot and both hips are killing me, but that's all due to the fibromyalgia. BUT... I went for a walk! woohoo LOL.

Here are a couple of photographs I took while i was there.

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they are beautiful hunny. think we might try walking somewhere this weekend and take the camera (i love photography) i walk loads everyday but on a treadmill in gym lol hardly the same as your beautiful countryside lol


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Lovely photos there! I don't like walking or gyms, but if I have my camera I'll walk miles taking photos.


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Thanks everyone :)

A nice strong ibruprophen and I'm feeling better. Still a bit sore, but better. This stupid fibromyalgia thing gets me down sometimes (not at the moment though, I'm ok about it). I was diagnosed when I was slim, although my weight doesn't help it at all, even when I'm at goal, it won't vanish. C'est la vie!

I'm going to try and take two walks a week like the one today and then build from there. I never go anywhere without my camera. In fact I think I drive my hubby bonkers LOL. As if it's not bad enough him having to wait for me because I walk slow sometimes, he has to wait for me because I'm taking photographs LOL.

I do know that the walks will help shift some weight and I am so desparate to get the weight off at the moment.. maybe desparate isn't the right word.. motivated is probably more like it.. a couple of walks a week can't be too bad.

here's another photo I took this morning, now I've had time to edit it, and one of the kitty I found abandoned last week and has now moved in.. I couldn't resist sharing the kitty one LOL.

You may notice that I am a bit of a photography'aholic!



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You take really good piccys mine are either too dark, too light or if I do manage to get the right light I end up taking a piccy of my finger, lol.
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ahhhh that kitten iss sooooooo cute!!! yum x x pix are amazing too!!! I hope your feeling abit better now, im not sure what your condition is but im glad youraking the effort to go walking x thats fab, and good that youv made some targets to do it every week x and with scenery like that, it makes it worth doing surely!! stunning! x x


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Those woods look lovely. We have a nice riverside walk not far from us but for some reason we never go there. It is such a waste
I think they are wonderful and have to say that you are great at inspiring others with your positive attitude... I card design and sell them and have to say that your photos would look great on some of them!

I live in a beautiful area and have taken many photos .. painted some and use them in my designs.... so keep up the great work and love to see your photos... hope you put lots on your albums :)
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What beautiful photos. Hope you don't me asking where that was?

I used to walk a lot with the dog when I lived in Scotland, being very snap happy.

The light was beautiful this morning wasn't it? I woke up to a beautiful glow coming through the lounge window so hopped out of bed to capture the gorgeous sunrise on film before it disappeared.

I've yet to download the photos but I don't think I will have done it justice!


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Thank you :D

I live in Connah's Quay about 6 miles from Chester and this is our local park. It's not very big but there's a nice bit of woodland and if I ever get the strength up to walk further, there's some castle ruins apparently.. not that I've been that far yet!

If anyone wants to take a look at my other photography stuff, please feel free to check out my website. Photography is my passion!

My website is Ann-Marie Metcalfe Photography

Treats... here's a very twee photo that would probably do well on cards...
I took this yesterday of the kitty I found abandoned last week.

and this morning's sunrise - yes the light was fantastic this morning! This was taken over the fence at the bottom of my garden



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your photos are gorgeous....do you know how to do good action shots with no natural light lol im the troupe photographer for my daughters majorette troupe. most of the time its great and the shots come out fab but sometimes they compete in a showbar at haven where theres no natural light and we arent supposed to use flash and most of these come out either orange or blurred i tried looking online for tips but everywhere i look is for DSLR and mines not dslr. would love to do a proper course on photography but just dont have the time or money right now.


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What camera do you have mindy? Can you adjust the ISO (sorry, tech speak ). Or do you have presets (dawn, dusk etc)?

Once I know, I might be able to help you. For indoor shots where you can't really use a flash, you need to adjust the ISO to make it higher. It's normally set at about 100, but if it will go up, you need to change it to either 400 or 800.

Adjusting the ISO alters the amount of light coming into the camera, so the higher it is indoors, the lighter your shot will be without using the flash or getting unwanted blur.

I'm not a professional by any means, but I've learnt this through a photography forum :)
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Wow, Annie, your photographs are fantastic!

I especially loved the anything edible section ;)

I'm not too far away from you - in Llandudno - so obviously loved your photo of the pier (especially as I love the pier, working on it part time in the summer).

We are lucky to live in such a wonderful part of the country - with such contrasts of the sea and the countryside.


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Thanks westiegirl. Obviously the anything edible lot were pre-SW although I only ate the tiffin bar, my hubby was hanging over my shoulder to grab whatever I finished photographing and then ran away with it LOL. I want to take more Llandudno shots because I've changed my photographic eyes since I took the pier shot LOL.

I'll let you know when I head down that way and maybe we can grab a cuppa :)

We do live in a lovely part of the country


Dreaming of being slim!
hi hun its a fujipix S9600 ilove it for normal shots great zoom on it just te indoor thing i need to crack thing is with something like majorettes comps i dont get not chance to practise lol if they are blurred theres no going back to try again lol xxx

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