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Hair advice

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When I had a perm (back in the 80`s lol!!) it made my hair even drier.

Does that all by itself now that I`m post menopause!! Seriously, I`ve found several products from lush that do the trick. Will look up the site and get back to you. Can`t remember the names of the items!!
S: 13st5lb C: 8st11lb G: 8st11.5lb BMI: 21.1 Loss: 4st8lb(34.22%)
Back again!!

The shampoo is called rehab and the conditioner is retread.

There`s also a pre shampoo called (hope I got the spelling right!!)
H`Suan Wen Hua. I`ve used all of them and they`re great for my over dry hair.

A bit pricey (but I`m worth it!! lol :D)
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As you can see I've got naturally curly hair. I use an oil after each wash, which I buy from the market, I can't remember the name of it, but it's in a green bottle. I'll take a look later when I get home. I also use a cream each day to keep my hair moist, I'll also look the name of that up as well.

I use Avon shampoo & conditioner, it's in the silver bottle, again name later:rolleyes:

I also think having a perm will dry your hair out a little.

In the past I used to use, Trevour Sorbiee shampoo & conditior which was good or Frizezee shampoo & conditioner also excellent.:D
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Home now:D Ok I use 'sofn'free' daily, which is in a white plastic bottle with green writing on & Organics Olive Oil smoother & polisher after each wash, you can buy the organics stuff from Sally's if you have one near you.

Hope that helps:D


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My hair is naturally curly and I find my frizz can be tamed by how I style it.

I only use john frida toni and guy or mark hill shampoo/conditioner. I dont use serum as it just makes my hair greasy. If i do it straight I have to blow dry it 100% dry and then straighten it otherwise if it is slightly damp it will go frissy.

If its curly I use boots essentials curl cream - its really cheap but brilliant and I just defuse it to get the curl and then let it dry as naturally as I can. If I overdry it curly it will go frizzy.

I personally think anything like a colour or perm will make it dryer and frizzer. If you want the curl less frizzy try using a product and defusing it to get the curl to form.
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Is it frizzy because it's dry, or does it frizz in humidity?

My hair isn't dry but frizzes the moment there's any moisture in the air, including washing up!
Serums work best for me. You need to keep it in the shower as it needs to go on when the hair is sopping wet to be most effective.
My other secret trick is hand cream, specifically Avon hand and nail with glycerin! Just on the ends mind!
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Subjecting your hair to chemicals in order to perm it will make it more frizzy. Hair is frizzy because it's dry, all moisture from the hair shaft expels and leaves you with a mop on your head (it does to me anyway). Best way to tackle frizzy hair is to first ensure you eat well for your hair and skin (this means you need to add healthy fats in your diet). Then, you need to find a suitable shampoo and conditioner for your hair and a treatment. I use Tara Smith's Feed the Root shampoo and conditioner and L'Oreal Professional Miracle Oil at the ends. Neither of these products weigh my hair down and I keep the volume, frizz free. :D


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My dad is bi-racial so i have naturally curly hair with a great deal of frizz. Sometimes it looks nice. I was told by one hairdresser not to wash it very often but it just goes incredibly dry and smelly. Someone on here recommended Fantasia Olive Oil serum, which is great.


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I have curly hair that's badly prone to frizz (it's usually to do with the humidity) and I started following the curly girl method about 3 years ago and haven't looked back. It takes a bit of getting used to (no shampoo!) but my hair doesn't smell and it always looks clean and it's SO MUCH better behaved than it used to be (plus I save a fortune in products as I now pretty much just use conditioner and gel).
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I suppose to let you know what sort of hair I have to help your with whatever advice you are getting, I am half Chinese, so have very strong hair that is naturally wavy/curly. My scalp is oily, but my hair my dry. I colour as I have greys. It's also quite long now, so requires more treatment to remain soft. But yeah... when it goes frizzy, I go Diana Ross. I don't brush my hair, in fact it the last time it saw a brush was when I had it cut a year ago.

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